Thursday, 27 August 2015

Summer Break

We stand amid the roar of a surf-tormented shore, and I hold within my hand, grains of sand. They creep through my fingers, dusting the wind. I grasp tighter and hope that all that we see, is but a dream within a dream. Before the roar of the next wave takes us a little further to the end of life's story, surrounded by this blue immensity. I care less for this but as long as I walk with you, I am me.
The problems of life make little difference to me, the blue sky can collapse on itself and the ground can cave in, everything, but if you walk with me.
Susan and I have taken ourselves off to the Chewton Glen Hotel.
( for a quick 2 day break, something of a extend holiday you might say, as I have not been away for about 4 years and do feel a little jaded. We parked the mighty Fiat Panda along side all manner of exotic, expensive vehicle and felt quite at home. To say the hotel is pleasant would be an understatement, we will survive. Susan is in the Spa at the minute and I am enjoying a wee glass of Merlot surrounded by like minded people who are just here to have a break. Could get use to this but will stay focused until the bottle runs dry.

As we wandered around the hotel we could not help but notice the 18 hole golf course and the indoor tennis courts, national trust type gardens and heated outdoor swimming pool. This is a place you would all be happy to stay at and recharge your batteries.
Susan has just returned from the Spa looking refreshed and radiant, time to change and meander down to dinner.

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