Saturday, 5 September 2015

Wedding and Things

This is a grand weekend for the Ge-org Smith's as their youngest son is to marry. The fattened calf has been slaughtered and the rest of South Africa has been invited. Gary and the Middle Smith family will be there as well as the Dickens from Australia. Mark is a doubtful but hoping to make this celebration of young love for this year. I do believe we will have a few more before I go to my resting place. 
Granny June will be there and will lighten the holiness of the celebrated day. Russell and Rene, the parents of Matthew will shed a tear.

Talking of Granny June, I cannot but remember the story of the father telling his son that when they went for a walk he always battled to keep up, always pressing on even though his little legs had to do twice the work. Now the father is stumbling behind his son trying to keep up. We must never forget that when that little boy struggled there was only one set of footprints in the sand, as his father carried him so the son will, hopefully, one day carry the father as he battles to keep up.
The first glimmer of autumn has crept on us quite silently, we, every hopeful of a sunny, warm day, we stopped looking at the day temperature, autumn is showing it's cooler head and the days are getting shorter, soon we will be celebrating Christmas, slow down Father Time, let us have the time to stand and stare.
We decided to have a BBQ as a farewell to summer and to catchup with some old friends. We spoke and remembered about everything and nothing, the old days when the children where small and now with them at university. We have but a short time to see them grow and the Cooks lived the same journey with us. 
In parting I was intrigued by Angela's Facebook image of Spur Restaurant and it made me think of where it may have come from and the answer is so simple. We have pubs.
Claudia and Alex will be with us shortly, must remember to get the Lego out and the books about Thomas the Tank Engine. Wash Sam and vacuum the carpet. Get a baby sitter and then take Claudia out for a quiet evening to catchup.

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