Sunday, 25 October 2015

Bournemouth Arts Festival

Yes Bournemouth gardens are alive with the art festival, well I say alive but there was only one attraction. The history of water or the art of water? Really, bottles of water from an odd bunch of people collecting water in different bottles, from different places. These bottle go back to 1999. Well one of them the rest were from 2010 onwards. Such passion by the young girl who explained the concept, but they are just bottles of water, plastic, glass and what ever is in between. 
Lets imagine what the person said when conceiving this idea.
'Lets collect water from anyone who wants to give us their water, from a place where they have a special memory, their water memories. We will put that water into some old display cabinets and write a brief note with each sample and that is our art exhibition. I suggest a book as well, sell it and we will be famous.'
Actually it was quite interesting and as water is such an essential part of life, it has merit.

Well that being the sum total of the Arts Festival we headed to our favourite coffee shop and after our caffeine fix, we decided it was time to go home. Weather is getting more wintery then autumnal, so home was the right decision. 

Well England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are out of the World Cup. Yesterday saw South Africa book their flights home and now it is New Zealand, Australia and Argentina. I do believe we will see a New Zealand - Australia final. Well I did say it would all end in tears.

Watched a very disturbing documentary on Lion farming. It is being done in South Africa and they will breed lions to order so that someone can shoot them. They always say if there is a market for a product then someone will supply. It was named 'canned lion farming' by the Daily Mail. I have put a link at the bottom of this blog if you really want to read it, not pleasant.

Well, I know that drill 
I know it all too well 
It starts like a lonely voice 
And shifts to a tolling bell 
Like rain on a dusty ground 
Small bones in the driest well 
The spark breathes a fiery tongue 
And the tongues kiss the cheek of hell 

On this sombre note I say that is all for now, keep comments flowing and keep well.


  1. Great blog dad, brutal facts in that article, let's hope the awareness can lead to something..

  2. That is why I am doing what I am...I cannot save the rhino in Kruger etc but I can make a difference around my camps that I am building or getting involved with....

  3. They had a display of bottles at one of the galleries here and the cleaner threw them all away...Africa has its moments ��