Saturday, 3 October 2015

Life's little surprises

Steve Jobs once wrote. 
'Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.' 
Pity he is no longer with us, he would be appalled at the new 'Photo', used to be iPhoto. It definitely does not work, it might look good but that is all.
We all let off steam somehow and mine is writing it down and unfortunately sharing it with you. OK, I will change the subject but Apple are coming out with too many updates, they used to be stable and just seemed to work.

Had a call from Susan this morning, she had just got to work. ' Is my shoe there? I just have one shoe. Please look upstairs as I can not find it here.' I went upstairs but could not help thinking of how life throws those little surprises, even if it is only the lack of a shoe. Just incase you are wondering, no the shoe was not upstairs or in the hall way or outside in the garden, Sam has been known to take shoes outside. Maybe the makings of a crime thriller? 
'The Case of the Missing Shoe' by Susie One Shoe. Could sell it on Amazon Books, millions of copy's bought, touching all those who had lost a shoe. Such drama and emotion.

Friday has arrived, good, not too soon I would say. What have we planned for the weekend, you may well ask, nothing yet but the weekend is young. To be honest I have pulled a muscle in my back and would prefer a relaxing weekend. The disadvantages of aging brings on these little ailments, but a comfy sofa, glass of wine and anything can be enjoyed.
To sum up, Robert and the fraud squad are investigaring the theft from his bank of € 93.58 and Susan left her computer at home this morning. What with one shoe and no computer I am at a loss as to how to keep up. Love you all and until next time, if I do not see you through the week, I will see you through the window.

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