Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Witches, ghost and things that amuse small children

To aerate or not to be, we will get to that later but for now I am listening to the Bournemouth Gilbert and Sullivan Operatic Society singing extracts from Ruddigore, must have been a pirate King. Would make Captain Ben happy although the the average age is about 60, except for the male and female leading singers. Oh well old people must have something to do as well. Young children do not really see age they only watch the magic. Actually it seems that Ruddigore is about a witches curse, ghosts, disguises and wicked villains.
I have noticed a distinct festive mood to the high street in Poole, Susan is giving blood, royal blood is in such short supply, so someone has to step up to the breach. I am in a coffee shop in the Dolphin Centre, enjoying a croissant, filled with ham, cheese and asparagus and a good cup of coffee.
On to the wine, aerate or not? I did some research and this is my conclusion.
Just opening a bottle and pouring a glass will aerate the wine, as will swirling your glass of wine. For more aeration, decanting a wine works. After a while, aerated wines begin to oxidise, and the flavours and aromas will loose there luster. The heavier the wine, the greater the benefit and then you can enjoy it for longer before it fades. Do not aerate delicate older wines for long, as you can miss out on their unique aromas, but decant to remove the sediment. So in summing up that debate, aerate, but not for too long and enjoy.
My good friend Tamacgor S Bald has just phoned to let me know he is in Africa. He went out to see the Big Five and Russell but unfortunately did not see any. I told him Russell is in the Masai Mara, just look for someone important wondering around the bush and you will find him. Such a colonial creature is our Tamacgor S Bald, he thinks the whole of Africa is covered with lions and other wild animals. I must admit I would have loved to see his outfits, no khaki for him, he tends to go with noticeable colours.
Anyway thats all the news for now, printing deadline looms and they can be very grumpy.