Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners and other mishaps

It has been at least six years since we purchased our Dyson vacuum cleaner and a very good suction it has always had. But, there is always a but, this morning we discovered that this mighty Dyson was poorly, no suction. Susan on her hands and knees examining the roller brush as I walked in, remarked that it was not right! Not right I countered, a Dyson, lifetime guarantee. Saying that I checked my emails and low and behold that Dyson with its lifetime guarantee had stepped up a gear and now was frightening Sam. 
'It is not right.' stated Susan.
On investigation we found that it had a set of filters, untouched by human hands for 6 years, suffice to say it now has more suction then is necessary. I say, up the mighty dragon, Dyson, a vacuum cleaners true friend. I must point out that I think the bearing is going as it does sound rough, we have not heard the last from this mighty dragon, Dyson.

One can not but marvel at life, here I sit with a glass of Australian wine in my hand and send this blog to the world, those who care to read it anyway. China has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, allows 2 children per couple now. They had a law only one child per couple. Good on them, it has saved the world 330 million more children but, there is always a but, since you started reading this blog there are 6000 more children in the world. I can only say they deserve a break, Moa and his followers have not got much right but in this I agree.

Christmas is gaining on us at an alarming rate, slow down, browse the aisles and find that special gift for those you love. The feeling you will get on Christmas will be worth it. Wisdom says it is better to give then receive, wise words indeed. For those in South Africa remember the saying 'It's not really locked if a pair of bolt cutter can open it'. Once you have your presents hide them from those who believe in the above.

Too finish off I would like to say we got to know young Alex Smith of the Clan Middle Smith, what a charmer he is, I see quite a bit of Claudia in that child.

 Lastly did you hear about The Preacher Man and the unfortunate incident of the car that reversed into him as he was occupied for a split second on his iPhone, nasty business and costly as well. Our thoughts are with you and your lighter bank account.

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