Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Spaceman

So Christmas looms fresh on our calendar, knocking the days off one by one until all ‘12 days to Christmas’ has been sung and we wake up exhausted, too another glorious day of magic, giving and receiving, eating, laughing and time to reflect.
I must admit this is the first Christmas we have decorated the Christmas tree without any children around and that has its consequences, Susan has raised her voice to me twice over the last month and I can only attribute it to the fact there are no children around. Also Michael is with Angela in Oz and that does not help. Mark, Gary, Angela, Michael and Robert take note, always make sure one of you are around every Christmas. It is also quite nice to have any of you, actually all of you - bring the family.
Jesus is 15 years old, says the preacher man, He said that the Lord said, in 2000 years from now a baby is born, people have been known to sing now, up to you.
Yes the same preacher man who marries people on the beach. Now I must say, he brings Peace and Goodwill to all men, which is a bitter hit against ambrosial sweetness. We follow the light, like a choir of flavours with cinnamon. Jesus is 15 years old and we have to still find him. Wouldn’t it be great if we actually found him and he actually existed, something like the book by Bach - The Mechanic. He would fly around in an old bi-plane and fix things, even people.
Onwards and upwards as Jesus did, but we mere mortals can only hope this Christmas is like no other. We have the dream when you falling and maybe this time we carry only love and The Preacher Man blessing. To all those he has laid his hands on, let them all find peace. Better still feel the rain, stop worrying about getting wet, enjoy each day as a gift of Christmas.

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