Saturday, 9 April 2016

Midlife Crisis

Did something move?
Spring is showing its face with early flowers blooming and the garden centres selling 3 plants for £10. This offer will gradually go up to 6 for the same amount of money as the summer really kicks in. How many every green plants and shrubs can you have in your garden? Surely by now all the available space is full but the garden centres seem to be doing well. Little early in the season for bedding plants and what I call the disposable fauna and flora we spend vast amounts of money on every year, but they do bring colour for a short few months and then they all die. Funny, they do not seem capable of seeding anymore. I have sown a patch of meadow flowers and it will be interesting to see if they self seed this year. 
What is it?
Even Sam is intrigued Sam, he did wonder what was in the bark. 
I am at Sandbanks Cafe enjoying an Americano watching 6 women, one pregnant and 9 dogs go for a walk on the beach. The dogs are already bored and they have just begun.
"Stop talking women and get on with it." 
Let me explain, this is a walk organised at the office, Merlin. I was invited along but on reflection decided to write a blog in the shelter of the cafe. They have moved on but only another 100 yards and then something has held them up again, must admit my decision to write is appearing to be the better option. 
Quite a few people on the beach even with that on-shore breeze, more like a strong wind, and it is overcast. Not really beach or walking weather, but in saying that, the sun is trying to come through now. I walk Sam everyday so this quiet moment of reflection is as good as a holiday. I normally take 15 minutes from here to the Haven Hotel and back, I fear I will be here much longer then that today.
Now onto the midlife crisis. I have bought another car and Mark has bought a Motocross motorcycle, he will have to get fit or it will bite him in the bum. Anyway mine is automatic and almost drives itself, that wild beast that Mark has got will not drive itself, more like injure yourself trying. On a lighter note, lets wish him happy breams, soft jumps and lots of fun.  

Finally, Susan has come home from somewhere and is interested in Nordic Walking, she did say they do it in Dorset. Well not wanting to be too ignorant, I searched Google for Nordic Walks in Dorset with no result. There are Puddletown walks, Whitecliff walks but Nordic I did not find. I am sure all will be revealed once we go on one. Is Nordic not in Norway? Little far for a walk.