Monday, 2 May 2016

Bunch of Thyme

Thyme is a precious thing, always beware and keep your garden fair. Let no man steal your thyme. Prophetic words from the very old Irish ballet 'A Bunch of Thyme.' I have never really listened to the lyric, yes I knew them to sing along to, only really listened to the lyric properly when I heard it sang at the Folk Festival. Suddenly the words made sense, thyme is a girls honour, when you sing the song with that in mind it is really a very sad song and a warning to all young girls, let no man steal your thyme. 

Come all ye maidens young and fair
All you that are blooming in your prime
Always be ware and keep your garden fair
Let no man steal away your thyme

For thyme it is a precious thing
And thyme brings all things to my mind
Thyme with all its labours along with all its joys
Thyme brings all things to my mind

Once she had a bunch of thyme
She thought it never would decay
Then came a lusty sailor who chanced to pass her way
He stole her bunch of thyme away

The sailor gave to her a rose
A rose that never would decay
He gave it to her to keep her reminded 
Of when he stole her thyme away

I am a little cafe on the beach, enjoying a wee coffee, no Victoria sponge this time as it did look a little dry. Blustery day with the threat of rain ever present as I walked Sam on the beach. From the 1st May we will not be allowed to walk on most beaches, summer rules by this very cautious council. 
Talking of Sam, I must tell you he is starting to show his age, back legs are a little wonky and he has developed selective hearing. Well he is getting on to 12 and I do fear this might be his last summer.
Example Image of Runners!

Onwards and upwards, Saturday found me walking around Poole Park as Susan had entered the run they have every Saturday. Once i had finished watching all the shapes and sizes setting off with loads of energy, I remembered all those walks and runs that we did at this same park. Angela and Matt would run as well, poor Sam would be dragged around the park every Saturday or Sunday, depending on the weather, no wonder he is getting on a bit. Anyway, how did Susan do in the run, quite well actually, ran at about 6 mins/k and hardly looked out of breath when she finished.
All for now, next blog about the Children in us.

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