Monday, 16 May 2016

Shiraz can be a most Noble Wine

Shiraz can be a most Noble Wine, well if it is from a good winemaker or vineyard. 
I ordered a case of wine from Laithwaites Wine for half price as an introductory offer, which worked out at £ 3.79 a bottle for what they claimed was very good wines. The first bottle I chose, McPherson Family Series Andrews Shiraz 2015, was from a little vineyard in South Eastern Australia, described as a rich and flavoursome wine with lots of plum and blackberry flavours, really is a wine worth the title Shiraz.  One of the best I have had in years. All I can say is this is a true shiraz and I could drink this everyday and never tire of the taste, buy some.
The next bottle I will be trying is called Paris Street Pinot Noir 2014, from Transylvania, Romania. This is my first Romanian wine and if it is as good as the previous bottle from the case of 12 then I can not wait. This drinking unknown wines can be fraught with danger but so far it has been a very pleasant encounter.
Eurovision has come and gone for another year, Ukraine the winner but by so small a margin against Australia. Hang on, Australia is not in Europe, sang by a lovely Korean girl? 
I must of missed something, can so easily be mistaken for Austria. No mistake, Australia did complete and did very well. If anyone knows how this can happen, please let me know. 
We went to the beach yesterday and I was quite amused at all the white flesh on display, one chubby* lady was lying near the waters edge, sun bathing topless, not sure if Sandbanks is ready for that yet but from a distant she did resemble a beached whale. I am sure there is a skinny person in there somewhere, just well wrapped. Good thing I left Sam at home, he has a habit of peeing on strange things on the waters edge.
In ending I must say that Michael is selling his Hyundai Getz 1.3 GSI. Anyone willing to part with £ 1000 ono, can drive it away. He drives a Audi A4 now so the Getz is a thing of the past. Loved all the comments and praise, keep them coming. 

* the new word for 'Fat' refer to earlier blog. Some networks and mobile operators may charge for these reference notes. Check your terms and conditions.

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