Monday, 30 May 2016

Think on This

Well Susan is on her ways to Dubai, left this morning at about 5am. Must admit I did not hear her go but then she is normally quiet as a mouse that early in the morning. Dani is down for the weekend and it has been good to see her again, been a while but with her working now time is limited. Robert seems to be having a problem letting his room as he wants to go to America. Also having a problem with the university he is supposed to be going to. Racial and homophobic rumours have come to the attention of Colchester University staff and now they are reluctant to send him there. Well we have always known the Americans to be quite racialist. Seems like some have never really believed the slaves should be free. My advice to him, change to a different university, somewhere with more liberal views. Watch this space.

Everything will come right in the end, if it not right it is not the end.

That is one of those trip off the tongue quotes that actually make such good sense.
Changing the subject, a little, Sam has a habit of walking towards the front door and then looking back to see if I have clocked his hint that he wants to go out. And I have fallen into the habit of saying to him, and I quote.
‘Come on do you want to whoof the kitties, go whoof the kitties’. And I let him out. I know we talk weirdly to dogs but that is a human failing, got nothing to do with dogs. Something like talking to babies, why do we do it?
He dutifully looks around for a suitable kitty to whoof, even a fox or a bird, never a squirrel.
Actually if this is reality, Sam is not the macho dog we make him out to be, a quick look for a cat and if there is one and it is looking at him he looks away. Blame Susan, she taught him never to stare at strangers and to him all cats are strange, terrifying to say the least but he does look back at me to see if his path of retreat is still clear. Most times there are no cats and the whole charade is averted but it is touch and go the minute he goes out the door.
Life is a constant challenge and we all in our own way cope, Sam is the perfect gentleman, there is not an aggressive bone in his body. Talking of his body, his right back leg is getting very wonky. I must admit he does walk slower, but that is not a bad thing, at least I can keep up and on the odd occasion have to wait for him. Oh the bones tell the story.
Photo is of the walk Sam and I do every day, before they cut the grass and after, just behind our house. The wild flowers were really blooming before the wise council decided that too much flower power could harm those with allergies. 


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  2. Dogs are the coolest!!! Woke up this am to Alex lying on the couch watching Dora the Explorer and Max standing next to him barking like crazy... Gardener had arrived and Max was making sure he came nowhere near Alex... Unconditional love, dedication and companionship...that's what dogs are all about!