Saturday, 6 August 2016

Days of our Lives

It has been a funny old day trying to keep up with the fast moving world and still staying creative. The end of the month and the billing that goes with it always puts the fear of God into me. Susan always says I charge too little and always seem to spend more time on the project then I have quoted, maybe I do, but that is the nature of what I do. Still the money does come in handy.
Trying to hold onto a day that seems to be slipping away with every new call I get, while still trying to equate what the client wants and if it is indeed feasible and if he really needs it? Grumpy coders are another challenge in this ever changing pot of intellectual pie that cannot be ignored.
I have just had a birthday and I am a little surprised at the amount of port and sherry that was given to me for this happy occasion. It does seem to date me in relationship to the people who bestowed these fine bottle of booze on me. Gone are the days of fresh white wines, noble whiskey and strong cheese. Robert was the first with a vintage port, socks and sandals? You silly, stupid boy. Then a supplier I barely know sent me a bottle of cheap sherry, nice of him but does he see me as the port drinking member of the population, he thinks, drink it as a medication. Another silly, stupid boy. He is probably 15 years younger than me but has been older for many years now. 
'Mark me, get a lady friend who will wake you up and give you back your actual age without recrimination, who will get you to cut your hair so it does not look like your mothers and make you want to enjoy going to work, even if it to annoy people all day, get a life. Life is short enough without retiring before your time.’

Getting back to my birthday, we went to the Lambs Green pub for a meal. Sally and Mark joining us, nice surprise, Sally actually bought me a wonderful bottle of wine wrapped to perfection. It does make a huge difference when the gift is thoughtfully wrapped. The wine on the other hand was good, bad, maybe indifferent, really cannot remember or if I have actually opened it yet. Oh well it the thought that counts. Incidentally the service at the Lambs Green was atrocious. The manager was mentally retarded or stupid or both, the food was good but I do foresee dwindling support for that pub in the future. I ordered a bottle on red wine and was basically handed the unopened bottle and a glass and left to get on with it. 
I know how to open a bottle of wine, I do it most nights but when you paying three times more for an average bottle of wine, you do expect them to open it, pour a little in your glass to taste, then leave you to get acquainted with the bouquet in your own time. I really hope that whoever paid the bill did not leave a tip. 

As I said at the beginning, it has been a funny old day and I do expect the coming years to be much the same.

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