Monday, 15 August 2016

RNLI take on the BBC and other things that matter

Just watched a program on the RNLI, a look at how the operate.
The program took us to some thought provoking footage, real people saved from drowning, real life savers, good people who inspire you to give your donation with pride. 
I did get the impression that some volunteers did enjoy the extreme sea conditions or a fast ride in a state of the art speed boat. Both parts of the argument, are they equally just? Michael works for the RNLI and has a lot of pride and belief in what they do.

Robert has left the building, yes he is on his way to the U Knighted States of America. I do remember Mark leaving for the UK many years ago, Mark my oldest boy, Robert is the youngest. Just to put it into perspective for those that do not know my extended family. I have five children and in their order of birth it happened like this, Mark, Gary, Angela, Michael and Robert.

Mark’s leaving was a big, emotional experience and this one has proved to be very similar. I have Chronicled this is the Chronicle and if you really want to see the outcome from this saga, visit iBooks and you will find The Chronicle here:

Susan just does not cope with the saying goodbye or the leaving, suffice to say she probably flew every mile with him and experienced every hiccup along this start of his journey. Two nights of very little sleep has left her tearful and exhausted. Mothers do this, it is just what they do. 
'Byddant yn dychwelyd yn arwyr.' (They will return home as heroes) That the Welsh version.

We left just after 6:30am on Saturday and made good time to Heathrow, giving us plenty of time to check the wee boy in and have a coffee, before sending him on his way, through security that is, he only took off an hour and a half later.

We, on the other hand took 4 hours to get home, summer traffic and a hot weekend as forecast. Never really believe the forecast but it is a guide, other than that you could put your head out the window and take your chances.

Happy travels Robert.

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