Sunday, 25 September 2016

Morning Coffee

The morning coffee. I'm not sure why I drink it. Maybe it's the ritual of the cup, the spoon, the hot water, the milk, and the hint of sugar, the way they come together to form a support, I can hang the day on. It's something to do between being asleep and waking up. 
Surely there's something better to do though, than to drink a cup of coffee. Such as meditate? About what? About having a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee whose first drink is too hot and whose last drink is too cool, but whose many in-between drinks are, like the middle of a bottle of wine, just right.
Talking of coffee, Susan and I are on a voyage of discovery, actually a quest to find coffee houses and cafes that are unique, serving good coffee in an atmosphere that appeals. We have visited many but some have impressed. We are putting together a coffee table book, that will feature as many coffee houses, cafes and unique eating places as we can before we get bored and move on to something else. We have a few favourites already and have been back many times. Starbucks is definitely not even going to feature. The thing is that some might not actually be very good, but for some reason or other we would go back. Sandbanks Cafe is one of those we go back to but only because of its location. It over looks Sandbanks beach on the one side and Poole Harbour on the other, lovely to sit and have a coffee, while watching the rain belts down or the wind blows a gale. It is also expensive. Actually sitting writing this from the above mentioned cafe, coffee and Victoria sponge cake. (£5.90).
I mistakenly ordered a Cappucino instead of an Americano and I must confess to having left the frothy bit with chocolate on, way to rich for me. Well must be off, Sam needs a walk and my parking has expired. In passing, Claudia's birthday yesterday, images shows her beauty and spirit. Till anon.

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  1. Say hello to Sam for us, Dan was talking about him on the weekend!