Sunday, 9 October 2016

Torquay, first stop.

Torquay Bay
Arrived at Torquay at 3:35pm, just in time to check in, have a cup of coffee, and then we went for a walk around, what felt like to whole of Torquay. I suppose just a few miles. Torquay quite tatty, hotels all need a lick of paint and the pier is rusting, I do see a big bill coming the boroughs way. That is almost standard for most towns we visited, a little neglected and grubby. They, the people of Torquay, say this is the English Riviera, I believe the French Riviera has the upper hand.

Staying at the Grosvenor Hotel for 2 nights then we will move on, to where you want to ask, we do not know. This is the English Channel and the west I think is the Celtic Sea. We had a dinner, bed and breakfast deal so after having a very welcome drink after our long walk we made our way to dinner. The hotel does need a little modernising but seems to be homely and friendly enough. Dinner, what a surprise, more 5 star then the lowly 3 star that the hotel is. 

On waking we decided to have a nose around Dartmouth, via the ferry crossing. Google maps said it would take us about an hour as we were going the scenic route again. Scenic drive through Paignton and Torbay and then we arrived at Kingswear. 
Ferry Crossing

Ferry crossing to Dartmouth and we had a nose around the small museum about the invention of the first steam engine. Susan spotted a castle at the entrance to Dart bay, looked close enough, so we set off.  Looks can be deceiving, miles spent walking to get to a ruin and a church. Well we do that in England and to be fair it was a very enjoyable walk. Dartmouth is a tidy, clean town with loads of money spent on cliff side houses. 

Stopped at the Crab and Bucket for a much needed crab sandwich and a pint, manner from heaven really. Friendly atmosphere, crab sandwiches awesome and my ale, just right.

Britannia Royal Naval College
Dartmouth is also the home to Britannia Royal Naval College, built in 1902 and is one of the most splendid building I have seen. If you in the area, do yourself a favour and have a visit. Some of the most recent cadets were, either Prince William or Prince Harry, Derek will know.  

Credits: Image of College by Herbythyme.


  1. Wow, sounds so awesome! Wish I was there. Pictures are really good as well, were they taken on your phone?

  2. Thanks Gary, I took the Ferry image on my Canon 350 and Susan took the top one on her Nikon D5300. Landscape shot was off the web.