Saturday, 31 December 2016

Some only last to Christmas

The ultimate sign of a dying shop or restaurant is that when you walk in they are empty, no customers giving it life. The staff stare back with lifeless eyes, expecting nothing but knowing this is an end to an era. You feel this and walk out again, a little sorry for them and for yourself. Poole has many empty shops on the high street, mainly because the council of Poole sets such high rates for these small shops.
Talking of this very festive time of giving and receiving, Susan has a Fitbit Charge 2 watch, from the boys. Great little item of technology and to be entirely honest, something Susan got to grips with very quickly. App downloaded onto her iPhone, put in her details and that is when the fun started. This little watch measure your heart rate, also your steps walk, run, crawled, climbed and rewards you when you reach your goal. A great motivational tool and I am happy to say, it has never left her side since the happy time she unwrapped it. Woke up Boxing Day and there was only time for a cup of coffee before she was getting us up for a walk. Unbeknown to me, she had checked her Fitbit and there was a goal to be achieved. None the wiser we set off for our walk on this lovely, overcast, cold and windy day. Back home we hastily enjoyed a cooked breakfast before it was time to walk Sam, should of clocked it then and there. 
To be fair I did cotton on to it this morning. In spite of that we visited Salisbury and walked up and down every street in the town, including the cathedral and the gardens. Not sure how many steps were taken but I am safely settled on the couch with a glass of wine and loving it. I do know there is many steps to take and many miles to exceed before we can sleep. God only knows what I would be without her.
In all fairness we have been out and about over the last few days and that cannot be a bad thing. Keep it up GSP.

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