Saturday, 28 January 2017

Lady Alexandra of Eaton Manor

The rain is cold today and the birds are frantically eating while they have a chance before the storm. Cold, blue winter sky slowly ushering in the dark clouds that bear rain and come with the wind. 
Had a meeting with Lady Alexandra of Eaton Manor and decided to take her to the Sandbanks Cafe. Sandbanks is posh, I mean really posh, so the perfect venue for our catch up meeting. We work together on a few projects. All extremely important and it is good to have on my CV.
Lord Nigel of Eaton Manor was in London at a parliamentary hearing on the restoration of Westminster.
Lady Alexandra arrived almost on time, looking lovely in her characteristic boots and accompanying Gucci handbag. Lady Alexandra decided she was not having a large meal as she was in training for Lord Nigel. I ordered the panini and chips while Lady Alexandra ordered the spice butternut soup. 
You know how it is, one gets complacent and not thinking I asked for tomato sauce with my panini, that is where I went wrong. It turns out that tomato sauce is a definite no, no. Honest mistake on my part but not good. Bear with me, It gets better.
We sat and chatted while we ate and then the thing happened, Lady Alexandra asked if she could have a few of my chips. What happened next is not to be spoken about, ever, she dipped them in the tomato sauce. Yes, in tomato sauce. It turns out Lady Alexandra went to a private school run by nuns, you know the type of nuns that should not be allowed near young boys. 
Just to let you know, no nuns were harmed in the making of this blog, but hopefully it will bring back a few pleasant memories for them. Back to Lady Alexandra, she had never been allowed tomato sauce while growing up. Well the posh do live on another plane to us mere workers. Actually a lovely person and we had a productive meeting.
Told Susan what happened, Susan said I should have taken Lady Alexandra to Rick Stein's restaurant, that's the restaurant where you pay £48 for a salmon fillet. Rick Stein says the price of fish is very high, maybe I should let him know that 2 salmon fillets are only £2.99 at Aldi.  Well I can only learn through time. I must concede, I did not think of Rick Stein's restaurant. Maybe next time.

Today I noticed that Sam was not scratching at the door to be let in. Where has the time gone. 


  1. Hilarious blog! Tomato sauce should be reserved solely for mixing with mayonnaise.

  2. Hilarious!!!!! Did Carole ever tell you about the Lady and Lord who did the east west hike across GB? Such a funny story. X

  3. I googled this "Lady Alexander" with few results...beware of scam artists, did she speak with a Nigerian accent?

  4. Hilarious Mr Smeeeeeffff. Nice boots!

    PS It's AlexandRA xxx

    PPS Mayo is definitely better