Monday, 2 January 2017

Reflections of a year gone bye.

January saw the Fiat Panda leaving us and a new Volkswagen Polo gracing the driveway.  I am happy to say this new addition has served her well. Talking of Susan, I remember February and Susan muttering to herself on the 29th Feb. “I really do hope none of the boys were proposed too.” Can only be Robert that is worrying her.
Feb flowed into March and chubby became the official word for fat. people are still fat, a year later but cubby is in fashion now and we have reinforced the pavements and printed ‘Abnormal Load’ sticker for their cars. Maybe we should print a disclaimer saying “Many animals were harmed in the making of this product.”
New Golf for me and then we were waving goodbye to Robert, California braced itself and he has loved his time there. Is now sporting a man’s bun, as Claudia so rightly called it, very knowledgeable young man now and does not suffer fools gladly. He is back for 4 weeks over the festive season and I am happy to say he is still using the house as his wardrobe. Somethings never change.
Somewhere in this muddled year Gary bought Claudia a Audi Q7. I could be mistaken but did they not move house as well or was that Mark?
Susan did a few trips to Dubai, Japan and Westbourne. Such a seasoned traveller now.
Angela and Matthew have relocated to Sydney, onwards and upwards a good sign.
The year has seen a significant shift in global opinions, Brexit and Donald Trump to name just two examples. “Countries have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.” Jane Jacobs. But what happens if a good portion of the population has no interest in creating but merely taking from the benefits a country offers? Should this number reach a critical mass, then community begins to die and most times isn’t aware of it. This I believe is the concern of many and they have voted accordingly. I do not think they are anti-establishment, but they have lost faith and hope that the radical changes will clean out the dead wood and restore their trust again.
Susan and Robert - Banbury Rings
Michael set off for his world travels on the 3rd Dec and then it was Christmas. Took us 5 hours to tidy his bedroom and the rest of the house with all his discarded clothes, surfboards, wetsuits and general rubbish. Looks much better for the moment until Robert puts his stamp on everything.
The year seems to have gone by very quickly, more did happen I just cannot think of any at the minute.
Just something I recently discovered, Agatha Christie became skilled at body-boarding in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and in Hawaii, she learned to ride the waves while standing on the board. This in 1926.
New Year and a new look, what do you think? Happy New Year.



  1. Awesome blog pops! I look forward to seeing Roberts man's bun in person. It was definitely a busy year for all!