Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Prospect of Change

Change is inevitable i.e. Susan and I have been discussing the prospect of moving. Somewhere that is important to us, a place to make ours. For too long we have merely existed in the houses we have stayed in. We must build into this house, where we live, the values that are the most precious to us, not merely those helping us to survive. In effect, a home, becomes the symbol of how we see our future or it will linger on as symbol of endless compromise.

This leads me on to the present government. I believe the clear majority of politicians start out with very noble goals, something like a child going to school and being systematically taught not to dream, the politician enters parliament, where politics becomes the prime example of managing expectations, the main goal becomes keeping the peace and getting re-elected instead of building a dynamic, forward thinking strategy, that will bring prosperity and growth to this planet.

I would like a house in the country but that is not feasibly, day to day commuting becomes a task instead of a mere drive, but the most important issue is getting a fast-broadband connection. Most of the rural area is served by BT and they use a landline. I can understand the financial constraints serving so few clients over a large area. No I am afraid it must be in town, maybe a small town close to Poole. Somewhere you can see further than your garden wall, a field or hill to rest your eyes on.

Talking of politicians reminds me that Robert has been setting out his goals for the next few years. He has an ambitious agenda, sees a future in the legal profession, so want to look at adding a law degree to his studies and is also interested in learning to speak Danish. This is part of his vision to work for the Danish Foreign Service. As he rightly points out, no one is bombing the Danes, so the future does look bright. Just to let you know Robert, Danish women can’t flirt and it is no good trying to flirt with them either, attraction is essentially like a big on/off switch. When she does like you, she’ll want to know everything about you in ten minutes. She’ll also tell you about herself including her ambitions, fears, and achievements.


  1. The dilemma exists here too! The heart and soul dreams of a piece of land with enough space for a small track at the bottom of the land. Modern house with balcony all along the front looking over a pool, for Claire to get back into her swimming training and the kids to go wild, then some grass area for soccer and throwing a ball for dogs then the track the the far end.

    Cost isn't so much the factor but the daily drive to work is a huge issue. The closest plotted neighbourhood will add about 15 to 20 minutes onto both of our daily drives to work. Doubling Claire's drive and making mine over an hour on a good traffic day......

  2. That is the dilemma, sounds like heaven with traffic

  3. Wise words about the Danes... interesting times to hear the much anticipated house move could be approaching!

  4. Ask Mark about the Scandinavians...