Saturday, 28 January 2017

Today I noticed Sam did not scratch at the door.

No longer am I being asked to take him for a walk, be let out or serve up his dinner. That annoying nudge when I am working has gone and I can only say it is now missed.  He use to nudge my hand as I worked on my computer, quite persistently, his way of getting me up and off for a walk. Now as I standup from the desk I look to see if he is looking my way, just seeing what I am up too, but he is now only in my head. He is been sorely missed and it will be a while before I am able to walk without looking down for fear of standing on his tail, paw or head. Where ever you are, I know you will make friends with the postman and ignore the cats. 
His passing was as gentle as his living and he just closed his eyes and went to sleep. We were all with him and this was a comfort to us and I am sure to him. Sleep well Samuel Baxter B Jones of Dorset II, when I am next at the farm, I will pop around and have a chat to you, just need to be a little stronger. Your passing has left me a little battered and bruised.
As I always said to you, you only a dog, but never has a friend been truer than you. Your passing made me realise that often my sunshine did not come from the skies but from your eyes. 

Looking to the future, Michael put it in a nutshell. ' I am going to live the rest of my life as Sam did, always eat good food and take as long as I can to leave the beach.'


  1. Beautiful sentiment, I have tears strolling down my cheeks xxx

  2. Big hugs Dad. What a gorgeous boy Sam was. He lived the best life. Xxx

  3. What an awesome dog and friend!!! So sad.