Saturday, 25 February 2017

Latest Weightloss tip

have a simple solution to all those lovely women out there who have a problem with saying no to tasty food, like sweets, biscuits and most of all cake. Whenever you see a cake just remember that cake is that horrible thing that puts cellulite on you bum. 
Deserted Beach
As February comes to its  inevitable end, ushering March in, our weather has taken a turn for the worst. Storm Doris has landed in the Scottish highlands and as all things do when they start falling, it will drift down south over the next day or so. Today we have sleet and a bone chilling wind. I know, you are wondering why I seem to be going on about the weather a bit, but it all comes down to a good cold snap kills off the bugs and let's face it, you can not have all the fun, we deserve a little before the summer warms the ground and the nights are shorter. Storm Doris, who came up with a name like that. Doris reminds me of an old aunt, her only vice being the gin.
As you can see from the beautifully taken photograph, I am at my favourite haunt. Coffee and some Victoria sponge graces my table as I look out over what is a deserted, windy beach denuded of life except for the hunch up seagulls. Today the cafe has a almost bohemian collection of people. Old and young, all grown up, no children, all the patrons of this cafe are either too young and still have time to contemplate whether or not to have kids. The others are like me, passed that stage of our lives and are able to have our cake and eat it.
Gary tells me he is doing a three day bike ride, from the Drakensberg to the sea. The route takes him from the bottom of Sani Pass, through the Midlands and down the Umkomaas valley, ending in Scottburgh. 16 hours on one of those wee bicycle saddles that some of the bigger bums seem to swallow. Oh the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. Hopefully Claudia will give him a wee cushion to bring some comfort for that long journey. Italian wives are good that way. I know they can shout and scream but it is all in their DNA, they really love from the heart, just that they are a little more vocal about it.
Well my day is coming to an end and I need to head to the grocery store for tonight's culinary delights. Till anon.

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