Saturday, 18 February 2017


I must say thanks to all those comments with regards to Sam. I feel that however great the scale of loss, the pain is made bearable by your thoughts. Your reaching out and concern, make us human and complete. 
I believe that optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. As with Sam's motto to take as long as he can to leave the beach, so I will take as long as it takes to say goodbye. In that there is a comfort that leaves me time to come to my own place without him.
Changing the subject, I watched a film a little while ago and two chefs were having  a meal sharing a bottle of wine. Just as they were about to go the one old chef noticed there was still some wine left in the bottle and when the other chef wanted to put the cork in he said. "You can't keep that lovely stuff trapped in there, it's cruel." My sentiments completely and what a classic phrase.
There are two sayings being used extensively at the moment, Always be true to yourself and It is OK to be not OK. Tell that to the habitual criminals, make their day.
My view is of an angry sea and a deserted beach. Half term might be here but low temperature and high winds have frightened off the hardiest of families. With this the trend for the rest of the week, I do fear a few children will have to be firmly reprimanded as boredom sets in and the home loses its appeal. Stay strong mothers, beating is allowed indoors. 

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