Saturday, 18 March 2017

Big Mac Meal Deal

I saw Superman walking down the road with a Takeaway menu in his hand. He was looking for a mac meal deal. Reminds me of Michael, I can picture him, weary and exhausted from all the travel, in search of some comfort food. Knowing Michael, he would follow Superman and not think anything of it. The question must be asked, what was Superman doing walking down the road when he could fly. Makes you wonder if he can fly or is it a myth created by Hollywood? Michael if you do come across Superman ask him if there is life on Mars?

Makes me think of Mark Cook, walking around the campsite early in the morning in his boxer shorts and walking boots, looking for a phone signal. Nervously keeping a wary eye out for some hungry, big cat, wanting him for breakfast. Now that will be something worth watching. Helen will, hopefully be blissfully asleep. Is that not life on Mars?

Empty rooms and empty air. That's about the best way to describe the house now. It was occupied in all sense of the word, full of action, movement and talk It has slowly leaked all, but me. You might think it is peace and quiet but the emptiness shouts aloud. Susan is back in just a little over 3 weeks and then Robert will be here by the middle of June. Take heart my friends, all is not lost.

I am wondering if I need to change the format of my blog? Maybe some feedback would help. Is it easy to use, comments, viewing the larger image? It is essentially, a Google blog application and I have heard rumours they are revamping their apps and this might go. I can just make my own but I do have quite a few readers from all over the world, would hate to lose them. Your thoughts?

Susan has the grand opening for Legoland Japan at the end of the month and it seems to be going smoothly. Michael is doing his PADI diving course in Thailand, or is it Sri Lanka? Not quite sure, when he sends messages via Whatsup, he never says. Suppose that is normal but it would help if he said something like. 'Hi from Sydney, Australia...' Hopefully he knows where he is, I am not too sure, most of the time. Robert is quite good and lets me know where he is.

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