Saturday, 11 March 2017

Dinosaurs talk

When we think of dinosaurs, we imagine huge, fearsome, creatures like dragons. I venture to add they probably did idiotic, stupid things as well. Tripping over logs and farting so loud they wake up. When put like that they might not seem scary but I would still advise caution. I must admit that if some crazy scientific technician extracted some dinosaur DNA, they might be tempted to creating a real dinosaur. That could end in tears, Jurassic park all over again.
Anyway as someone once said, in the fish pond of history the truth is harder to hold than a live fish, and more difficult to catch. Can not remember who said that or something like that, but who ever you are I give you the credit.

Talking of things that can eat you or you can eat, I am getting more and more disgruntled with the weight lose industry. Big adverts for their products, food you do not have to feel guilty about. Guilt, sin, is this a reference to the old religious era. Sin and you will go to hell, repent and go to heaven. What started me off was a headline on a Weight Watches leaflet. 
'Chocolate cake you do not have to feel guilty about.' For goodness eat the chocolate cake. It is special, it makes you happy and a normal serving is not going to make or break anything.
Mix yoghurt with nuts and raisins as well, but do so because you want to and it tastes good. Maybe they will help keep your points down. Portion size and variety, should be your guide. 
Guilt and sin should never be associated with food. It is not healthy and should not become common practise. Food does not change who you are or your worth. There is no good or bad in food.

Changing the subject. Went and said hello to Sam yesterday, 2 months since he stopped scratching at the door and I still hear him. Anyway left him with a shell from the beach, such a peaceful spot in the forest. Rest well Samuel Baxter B Jones of Dorset II.

Just to finish, I had a run on the beach this morning and the mist was so thick I could barely see the next Groyne.

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  1. Take as long as you can to leave the beach