Sunday, 2 April 2017

Beach Huts

Beach huts in winter, are like the pages of the sea, with a book left closed by an absent master in the middle of another life. 
Masters are few and far between, less than 5% are visited at any one time of the year. I have a theory with regards to all those that are wanting a beach hut and can not even get on a waiting list. You will use it at the start but then like you garden shed, it will stay closed until it comes around to paying for it again. Lay your beach towel don and erect your wind break, go back to the car for the folding chairs and umbrella. Enjoy the grittiness of the sand in your sandwich, it is what life at the beach is all about.

Talking about absent masters brings me onto my next subject. I begin with our continued desire to exploit the earth. We are behaving like servants would, when their master is away. We are not happy with destroying our world above the ground, we are wanting to destroy it below the ground. Coal mines that are no longer viable, get closed. The consequence of what will happen once the supports, holding the extensive tunnels, rot and collapse, is not really worth thinking about. Fracking is now, the new coal mines. Test fracking was suspended near Blackpool, in Lancashire, after two earthquakes of 1.5 and 2.2 magnitude hit the area. A subsequent study found that shale gas test drilling triggered the tremors. We are still going to peruse this destructive course, despite the consequences. 

Enough I say, this is too negative, get a grip or as Daniel says 'Sort it out Dad'. Actually his father would battle to mix a cocktail at the moment, fell off his bike and broke his shoulder blade and collar bone, get well Gary. The world needs someone to 'sort it out'. 
Spring has arrived unannounced today, sunshine and a light breeze woke the peasants and they all headed for the beach, my beach, it is at time like this I long for winter again.
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