Thursday, 13 April 2017

Fresh Content

It’s not easy to provide a constant flow of tasty content, but that’s just what your customers expect. High quality content that’s created as fast as fine truffles in a chocolate factory. Google has billions of pages to index and rank. Most of my clients would expect to be on page one of a Google search query. Without the high-quality content, it is almost impossible to achieve any serious position in the ranking. We are as handicapped as a chocolate maker, making chocolate without cocoa. The content matters, as anyone who does this type of work will tell you, valuable content is Googles way of making fine truffles. To all my clients, send the latest news, views or disasters through and we can work our magic.

It has turned out to be a funny day, firstly the electrician arrived to replace the entire distribution box. No electricity means I had to find an alternative office for 5 hours. I had to relocate to Sandbanks Cafe, two reasons, good coffee and good wifi. Life goes on and we can be grateful I have not detoured to the nearest Weatherspoon's pub, by now you would have a devil of a job getting anything sensible out of me. Views from my temporary office is a definite plus and as the sun is shining and little wind, brings the peasants out to frolicking on the beach. In all fairness, they are not too tempted to swim.

Brexit, is it my imagination or has the world stopped creating anything news worthy? We are so fixated by Brexit, well the BBC is, I do not read the newspapers. We have so many experts prophesying a unlimited list of catastrophes, it is almost something akin to the darkest days of the IIWW. I just want to point out, no one has the faintest idea what type of trade deal will be decided or for that matter, what will happen to those living in the EU now. I can say that life for most the UK citizens, will not change one little bit. Actually, I tell a lie, we have changed the shape of our £ 1 coin so those irritating trolleys will probably not take the new coin for a while. This will be fixed in time; how much time depends on the will to implement the changes.

You do not know it, but it has been some 3 days since I visited this blog. I was at the Sandbanks Cafe last. Oh well, you were not to know, so let that be an end to it. I find myself at the Druckers Patisserie in the Dolphin Centre. The sun is out and it is warm, so the peasants are dressed for the weather, last year’s shorts and tops. This does create a problem as the winter has not been that kind to some and they are revealing more than they should. I have taken a neutral photograph to show you my view, being very careful not to include any of the under dressed, over weight persons of questionable gender. I do not encourage indecent images on my blog, that said, if I did publish some that have walked passed, I could be very well be charged for taking indecent images of those on benefits. It is a pity that benefits do not go all the way to clothes and how to dress. People watching is one of my favourite pastimes, everyone walking passed tells a story, some tell more than others and that is what makes it so interesting.

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