Thursday, 27 April 2017

Romantic Camping - Romping

Yes, that is official. Romping is the new style of camping to get the younger generation to go camping. Double Air mattress, scented candles and you sleep under the stars. Most camp site do warn you, in their terms and conditions, that safe sex should be practised at all times. You want to take nothing home with you but wonderful memories.
Easter weekend, sun, sea and fun. Well somewhere, not here, as we are overcast and that fresh breeze keeps the jumpers on. It has been a good Friday for me and Susan gets back tonight, topping off the day. Did a quick cleanup around the house as Susan would expect it spike and span. Susan has just been to Japan, Australia and the Philippines, quite the traveller, I am thinking of taking her for a walk along the beach tomorrow. Nothing like giving a girl a good time.

Have you noticed that when a woman sees another woman, she gives them a quick once over, then looks away. It is that second, in depth look that takes it all in. Why is it that when you ask them if they saw that woman with the really tight legging, they look vaguely at you and say something like 'Sorry I did not notice.' Woman, wonderfully complex and let's face it, we really would not have it any other way.

Talking of woman, I could not but over hear a couple at the table next to me. She said something about their smart TV not working properly. He answered. 'Most smart TV's are smarter than you.' After that the silence spoke volumes.
Susan is back from her marvellous travels and it is not 24 hours and she is wanting to swimming with turtles again. I think it is time for a trip to Corfe Castle. Nothing like an ancient castle ruin on one of the Purbeck mountain peaks to quench ones thirst for travel. Actually they serve a very British Cream Tea in the National Trust cafe.

Just to finish off, I find it difficult to remember and pronounce some of the leaders of some countries. Theresa May easy, Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, now that is a challenge. So is the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, another mouthful. So I have broken down the Turkish president to 'Air der One' and the Iranian president to 'After dinner lad' sort of works. Till later.

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