Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Dish and other holidays

Tonight, I threw together a dish and popped into the oven, little knowing how great the dish would turn out.
Started with a look in the fridge and saw I had two lamb chops that really needed cooking. What to have with the lamb? There was one Portobello mushroom, sweet potatoes, onions, fresh garlic, onion and chilli. There was a good movie on so I wanted to get dinner out the way, pause the movie, chop an onion up, chop two cloves of garlic up, crush the garlic with some salt and butter.
Stuffed the mushroom with a little garlic and topped it with cheddar. Mixed sweet potato with onion, chilli, the left-over garlic and chopped courgette that was hiding at the back of the fridge. Added tomato, sliced, a dash of olive oil and seasoning. Tossed the whole lot together and threw it into a roasting pan. I placed the mushroom and lamb chops on top of the vegetables and roasted for 30 minutes.

Susan on her way to Cebu, Philippines to spend 5 days with Michael then she will be home for Easter. Really hope she gets some sun and a wee tan, although you cannot really get a tan in 5 days. I am on the quay in search of a cup of coffee. Why the quay you ask as my favourite for a Sunday is Sandbanks Cafe. The holidays have started and when I got to Lilliput Village, the traffic was already at a standstill. Did the wise move and came down to the quay, I can park at Merlin and it is a short walk to the quay. Trying a new coffee shop called Trade Winds, we shall see. Looks comfortable and staff are friendly but the test is in the coffee.

Talking of coffee, only 2% of the fine people of Italy drink instant coffee, just saying. I do believe the figure is more like 72% in the UK. I think that is a little old as the fastest growing retail shops, excluding Tattoo shops is coffee shops. We can take some comfort in this growth but I still visit so many clients and get given a mug of instant. Cannot be impolite but I wait until it is cold and then drink it like medicine.

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  1. I emphatically retract my previous comment...Sue has no good influence on the quantity of blogs...although this one was better than the last, so it appears that there is quality fluctuation, so maybe she has an impact on quality.