Saturday, 8 April 2017

Words, blogs and cabin fever

Assembling a blog is always the most enjoyable part. I spread out words and thoughts like map references in my note book or the iPad and then the time comes to understand why I wrote a phrase, word or sentence. Wondering how those random thoughts ever found the light of day. Other times the entire blog happens in an instant. 
Once written and edited several times, it is time to let it rest. After a week or two I revisit it, this brings in sharp focus what I really wanted to say. As if my words only know how to make posters of people I miss, each full stop a reminder to think, each random, non sensible sentence, reaches out to someone in my mind. Oh, yes there is code written in most blogs, normally, just saying 'I love you.' 

Getting cabin fever so I decided to take a walk, funny that, in the past when I was getting the same feeling I used to take Sam for a walk. It never worried me then that I was not working, now I feel like I am a little naughty. It was always a bit of a challenge taking Sam to the very wet beach. Don’t get me wrong, it was always pleasant to walk, sun or rain made no difference to him but being a mere human, the wind and rain, was something that had to be endured. Fear not, the sun is shining today and the wind is light, I walked to the Haven Hotel and back to my favourite cafe for a much needed Americano, no cake. Yes, yes, I hear you are all saying, what a lovely walk it is and how you enjoyed it the last time you were here.  I say, feel free to join me, when you next in the area, take the sea air with me and we can partake in a coffee to end.

On my way from the beach, I drove up behind a new Aston Martin, really nice looking car but you do sit too low. In front of the Aston Martin was a Bentley SUV and behind me was a beautiful red Ferrari. Well my 10 year old Zafira was definitely the odd one out. 

Read an article on the web about a man who was arrested on a charge for murder. Seemed like a probably suspect. They found a mobile on him, not his but the murdered victim. Reading further it transpires that he was a homeless beggar. Three days later I saw that they had released him. Delving further I discovered he admitted to picking up the mobile and being a beggar, knew it had some value. Now the conclusion I draw is that he was no murderer, the only person he wanted to kill was himself. We do not know what nightmares some people have and what guilt they carry with them all the time. Many of us have something we would like to forget, but guilt is a strange master, it does haunt us. 

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  1. Always good to walk along that many memories

  2. Haven't been reading these for a few weeks, I see a record number of blogs, must be that Sue is home and cracking the whip again... :)