Tuesday, 30 May 2017

It is all about dead Cats

We have a beach clean, it is an outing, for want of a better word. The object is to get people out and about, talking and enjoying the freedom of walking on the beach, a simple pleasure well worth the effort. Firms organise them all the time, some even have them in working hours, added bonus. They take a stretch of beach and basically pickup the rubbish. Cleaning up the rubbish that the sea spits out and after the yobs, who do not understand the meaning of littering.

Susan and colleagues from Merlin Entertainments, went on just such a beach clean outing and found the beach to be surprising clean. We do pay a small fortune in rates and taxes to the boroughs to keep our beaches clean, so it is some comfort to hear they are doing a good job. Anyway back to the story in hand. Susan, with her able helpers from Merlin came across a dead cat, actually a thin, wet, dead cat. We could play detective and try figure out how it got there and why it died but that is for another time. Being practical and resourceful, they deposited it into a black bag, along with all the other rubbish they had collected. Once back at the office it was a good topic of conversation until a cat lover wondered if it was chipped. That set the cat among the pigeons, pardon the pun, back to the bins they went and retrieved the thin, wet, dead cat and took it off to the vet. That clever vet took one look at the cat and pronounced it dead and assured them they would check for a chip and if found would let the owners know.
Come to think of it, if it was your cat and had probably drowned while trying to swim to Brownsea island, you would want to know. Get closure and be able to mourn quietly, in the knowledge it will not be coming back. Nothing worse than always looking down the road hoping your cat is walking up to greet you. 
Talking of Susan, she is off to Chessington World of Adventure for two days and then back to enjoy the bank holiday weekend. We expect it to be a warm one with temperatures around 22deg C, 77deg F in American. I will be taking in the sea air over the weekend, interesting to watch all the pale skins turn red, mine included. Funny thing but there is always less people in the sun the second day.
Getting back to Chessington, it is one of the few places you can go on safari and be guaranteed to see the big five. Not many places can promise that, all in one afternoon. 
I must thank you all for the generous comments of late. 

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