Saturday, 6 May 2017

Legoland Castle Hotel

Yes the rumours are true, we will be going to the Castle Hotel in June. Susan has been invited to the soft opening, to see if it lives up to the high expectations of the Merlin and Lego brands. I am going as an impartial observer. I will bring you the news and developments on this trip as, and when, they its available. In the mean time, try and contain your excitement. 
We are working on a nice little project at the moment, Dorset County Museum (DCM). I enjoy history and writing, fits well with this project as they are custodians of the rich history of the Jurassic era. Soon they will feature Dippy the dinosaur as their main exhibition. The museum has a vast archive of the works and times of Thomas Hardy. Thomas Hardy did most of his writing in and around Dorchester, so this is Hardy Country.  Hardy died on the 11 January 1928, in Dorchester. You would know 'Far from the Madding Crowd', 'Jude the Obscure' and there is many more, all worth a read. 

Back to DCM and our project. We will be giving them a booking system, online ticketing, archive search and a new, user friendly website to take them into a new era. 'Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change.' We need to go cautiously as they will be overwhelmed by the change, a challenge but one not without adventure and discovery. Once we have a decent draft ready, I will post the link. 
Changing the subject completely but I need to tell you about the latest attack on the cloths shops. This daft world we live in has gone the extra mile to create the most idiotic survey. Researches from somewhere have done an in depth investigation into the size of the mannequins, the shops use to display dresses etc. They have come to the conclusion that the mannequins are too thin and if in the real world, would have health issues! They concluded that if people were the same size as the mannequins they would be "considered medically unhealthy".
"There is clear evidence showing that the ultra-thin ideal is contributing to the development of mental health problems and eating disorders.” writes Dr Eric Robinson. I can just see the average shopper being completely demoralised by these creepy models, dressed like people. Makes me think of Doctor Who and the Daleks.

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