Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Marching down the road of time

There used to be a time when we went for a 5 km run in the afternoon and then had a swim in the sea. Days when we were stronger, younger and free of the constraints of age. Now a quiet walk/run of 2.4 km takes its toil. But the joy of movement is still there, that sharpness of mind, freeing creative ideas that would otherwise be locked away through the daily routine of work. No matter your age, unlock the real you and enjoy a quality of life, ahead of your game. Exercise.

Sitting at Sandbanks Cafe, I am pleasantly surprised at the staffs eclectic accents, Chinese, Polish, Scottish and French. I come here often and it is always the foreign staff that greet me and know what type of coffee I drink, the locals pretend to be polite but are, as all council workers, just doing what they have to do, to get through their day. 

Let's stay with Council workers, back bone of the job market. Elections are coming our way and the press and politicians are having a field day. The problem is our lack of trust in both, in equal measures. They make bold statements, promises but we just can not take them seriously. The press make and break people, all in the name of reporting the news. They do insist it is in the public interest, in truth it is a juicy story and they can embellish it today and forget it tomorrow. The politicians are cut from the same cloth. Manifestos, not worth the paper they are written on, promises, all empty.
There is one advantage to their new manifestos, shake the dust off the last election manifesto and put a new cover and date on it and it is all ready to go. All those empty promises left to gather dust are revived, hailed as new and well researched. They will say, 'This is what the public want.' 

The world is crying out for an honest press and an honest politician. How long they will survive, will have to be up to us. The press and the politicians will not take kindly to honesty. If they are strong enough and supported by people of integrity, they might survive.

I leave you on this somber note.

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