Saturday, 6 May 2017

Sad dogs in a modern city

Sad dogs attached to tramps, sad eyes that should be bright. Poole is like all cities, all social classes walk briefly together and never say a word. Hurrying back to their office or home, they walk blind, this is a conscious effort and with their eyes only seeing the pavement, they escape the discomfort of looking someone in the eye and maybe saying hello. The dogs are no different except they have not lost their interest in others who chance by. They have sad eyes but if you make eye contact there is a moment of joy, fleetingly fast the dog looks away, a moment is all it takes to say goodbye. 
This is the world of frightened people who search for all their comfort in their smart phones, while this beautiful, brilliant world passes them by. I do rage sometimes at how technology has robbed life of quality and purpose. Turn the phones off for a day, actually turn the electricity off for a day and let nature take its course, could be interesting. 

My faith in people was somewhat restored recently on a visit to Abbots Wood to see the Bluebells. It rained a little but families where out there walking through a blanket of bluebells, no signal, so no phones except those used to capture the splendour of the vast blue carpet, spread unevenly under the old oak trees. This lasts but a few weeks and then is gone until next year. 
I am sitting in Cafe Nero in Poole enjoying a good cup of coffee before venturing off to the supermarket to buy supper. I think this just might become a regular visit when I need space and a respite from my computer. 
The town centre is slowly dying, empty shops are the norm, as we are all shopping out of town at the superstores. The council, in all its wisdom have put the parking fees up, in an effort to raise more money for them to waste, higher parking fees means less visits to the town centre, less shoppers, less shops. Business rates have also increased not helping the beleaguered small businesses. Progress I suspect will, one day do away with the council, not a moment too soon. 

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