Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Doctor in court over attack

I have just read about this man taking a doctor to court, because he had a heart attack. The man that is, actually his heart attacked him quite badly, left with a weaken body and can no longer do an strenuous sports. He claimed the doctor should of warned him that his heart could attack him at anytime. Looking for substantial damages. Nasty incident. 

Something like the notice I saw pinned to a fence. Life is short, death is sure, sin is the cause, Christ is the cure. I know, they having a laugh but in all seriousness, is it the wine, it that my sin. The odd bottle of red so loving sipped. Yes I hear you say, that is a sin but I say no, did Christ not turn water to wine? I can see it now, all his buddies around him and there is no wine. You all know what young people are like on a rave, they need alcohol.
'Come on mate, have a word with Pops and turn the water to a pleasant little Shiraz and while you at it a Chardonnay for the wee lasses.'

Susan is a great weight watchers supporter and goes to the game every Saturday. Her team is made up of Anna, Vivienne and the Captain Susan. It is a little hit and miss as to the outcome of the game, they weight in on a independent scale and then it is the winners that eat well for the rest of the week. The losers tend to train harder, eat less in other words, to be able to show commitment and some progress for the match the following Saturday. There is a downside, if you gain, in this case it is gain, not loose, then you the loser, but I'd you loose then you the winner, I know it is a difficult game to follow but believe me it is being done through out the world and has a silent fans base, much larger then all those cricket fans. Rugby does not even get a look in. Roughly 50 % of the world follow this game in some form or other. Hang on, give me a minute, the buzzer has just gone off in the kitchen and as I am cooking, it is my duty to make sure the totally fat free casserole is not burning. 
Panic over, honour restores and the Mexican mixed beans are quite happily cooked and ready to eat with fat free rice from India, have you seen a fat Indian from rural India? Thought not. They mastered weight watcher, many years ago. Clever Indians, not the North American variety, they will eat a bison in one sitting. You know what I mean, me chief, you squaw. 

Anyway from the dish I am cooking you would be able to gather where we are in the league and how the rest of the week is planned out, menu wise.

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