Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Folk Festivals

Morris dancers, stalls with all kinds of knick knacks and food in abundance. That is what these festivals are all about. Last week we went to the Weymouth Folk Festive. Small festival, with the stalls and stages dotted around the harbour. We met up with Derek, he was fishing for crabs, helped by his side kick Mark North of Dorset County Museum fame.

Back to the Morris dancers, in South Africa we have the Zulu Dancers, raw and aggressive. Well the Morris dancers display the same raw aggression, just in a contained style, as not to frighten the children and elderly. Yes, there is the bashing of sticks, stomping of feet, even war paint on their faces. I must say they are very tastefully painted, in the cat like themes, reminiscent of a face painting party. 

Not much else really, when you have seen one line of festival stalls, you have seen them all. We had a crab sandwich and a coffee before saying goodbye to Derek and his family, before taking a leisurely drive home. 
This week we went to the Wimborne Folk Festival. We started out with the live music, this is where things started to go wrong and all I can say is, if there is a god, please be merciful and spare me from having to go to pop festivals. Thinking it was a folk festival we were astonished to find a tribute band playing someone called madness, really was madness, drunk, half dresses young people everywhere. All drinking cider and beer out of 2 litre milk cartoons, really! The amount of tattoos on display was also quite disgusting. Not even my liberal mind could take much of that, so we left to see the rest of the festival. You may have noticed, I am not calling it a folk festival, as there was no folk music or anything to do with a folk festival. The town was filled with food and festival stalls, but all closed. We ended up having an Italian meal and walked back to the car through a horde of drunken, loud revellers. A night best left forgotten. 
Susan did point out, if we had gone earlier and into the town for a drink and something to eat, we would probably been wise enough not to go anywhere near the loud music.


  1. I your day it was the Beetles and I bet your parents said much the same...

  2. Your first festival will come a long with Mika very soon, please leave your comments then!