Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Eagle Has Landed

Robert is home tomorrow. Susan has been missing her boys, no I say, she has pinned for her sons, that lady of Shalott. Or should I say Suelott. This is one blog she will not proof read, I can hear her now.
‘You can't say that, there might be children reading this blog. The naked lady on a horse, takeout it out.’
The lady will have spoken but alas I have the power to take you to the magical place of the Lady of Shalott.

A day later!

Actually she just send me a text ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ when Robert landed at Heathrow. That is some stretch of the imagination, to compare Robert to an eagle but she is his mother. As you might have gathered, Robert is back, tanned and looking good. 

Another two days later!

We actually having some of the hottest days for 20 odd years, if the weather people are to believed. 30.5 deg C, with little or no wind makes it quite uncomfortable. So much sunshine is not something we are accustomed to and does make sleeping difficult. Our houses are not built for hot weather. I am at the beach and find the locals have discarded most of there modesty and are down to only the bare essential to cover themselves, most succeed but a few of the younger women are a sight to behold, in a pleasant way most of the time. My mind does go back to my previous blog Newtons Law vs the Bikini. Well to add to the experience of people watching I have noticed some of these very small bikinis are actually see through when wet.

Back to Robert, he started his first driving lesson today and came home in one piece and his lady instructor has agreed to give him another lesson. That should be a positive indication for the start of his motoring career. I do hope he spaces the lessons out a little, give me time to find a suitable car for him. There is always the Zafira, 10 years old, it is reliable, just worry it might be a little too big. What will be, will be, the futures not ours to see.

Just noticed a quite nicely built young lady playing volley ball with her friends and got a little over zealous with the return, oh dear, it is that Newtons Law again, major embarrassment and she fell, so everything is covered in sand. Don't ask, I am not going into anymore detail. This is turning out to be quite fun. Time for a swim, till later.


  1. Wow, as I started writing the comment I noticed "No Comments"...very good blog Pops, don't think the No comments will stay that way.

  2. Excuse me i would argue that the eagle comparison was very accurate, both majestic creatures! but great blog pops