Saturday, 1 July 2017


Interesting month of June that has just passed. Weight Watchers, the less said the better, Folk Festivals that had nothing to do with folk music and of course the much spoken about, Newtons Law vs The Bikini. Well this is a new month and a new theme. 

I find myself at my favourite cafe, enjoying a rather pleasant Americano and looking out at the beach and quite calm sea. Susan and I went to Brownsea island a while ago and took some interesting photos of birds. Today I am admiring the birds on the beach and note, with some excitement, that the lessor spotted Red Tit is making a comeback. It is a pity I did not bring my camera along, as the bird world would be overjoyed with this observation and sighting. 
There is quite a few about. This is good news as they have been quite rare of late. In the winter months we do see an abundance of Blue Tits but this lessor spotted Red Tit, is showing signs of a comeback. Looking closely, they vary in colour from a light pink to a flaming red. They are not shy and tend to go around in pairs, I must research where they go to in the winter. Also, of some encouragement is the return of the Big Tit, or is it the Great Tit, no sure, but they can be seen in pairs with the Red Tits. Anyway, big, red or great, they are a joy to watch.

It's been a funny old day, not quite getting anything finished due to so many little interruptions. We are in the process of finishing off 3 website and then we can tackle our big project we are doing for a museum. I have discovered that the people that visit museums often are more inclined to talk to others in the museum. I was walking through the museum the other day and a very polite Japanese couple asked me where they could find a Sushi restaurant. Must have been the fossil of the prehistoric fish that set them off. 

Have you noticed how smug men look in their convertibles, women are natural but I am afraid to say, men, all look like gay hairdressers. They have that smug look, look at me, I have a convertible and the sun is shining. All a bit of a swagger. No, leave soft tops to the fairer sex, men just look silly. 


  1. Another absolute cracker of a blog! So funny!

  2. Dad getting excited about birds...Sue must be traveling again...

  3. The study of birds is classed as a science, please respect birds of all shapes and sizes. Tits are fortunately not endangered.

  4. The subtlety is very strong here, but I agree the study of birds is a science, not quite sure this classifies tho pops. No wonder you love the beach