Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Royal Mail, Parcel Force and Kangaroo Post

Just to update you all on the status of the parcel with Michaels laptop, that I sent to Australia. Sorry, I know this is news you have been waiting for but, not to get your expectations up too soon, I decided to wait until I had some answers that I could authenticate. I sent it off last Monday, you will recall. I used the ‘Guaranteed not less than 4 days’ option. Tuesday saw it arrive at the international depot and it was prepared for export. This is a 2 day training course for the parcel, to prepare it to fly that long distance. 

Thursday it boarded the plane successfully and after many long hours of total boredom it arrived on Friday in Sydney Australia. There it seemed to have a problem, Australian border control delayed it for 2 days and then let it through. Bit touch and go but we are now 7 days into this journey and must compliment Parcel Force on not delivering this parcel in under 4 days. On Sunday the 23rd it was again prepared for delivery. As it had already done the export training this was a breeze to our clever parcel. At this stage, all is going reasonable well and we are quietly optimistic it will arrive in the next few days. 

Yesterday it seems to have disappeared off our radar. Checking the Parcel force Tracker system, Michael discovered it was not delivered due to an address problem. After some frantic text messages between Michael and I, last night for me and this morning for Michael, we discovered that you can not pickup a missed delivery in Australia. Something to do with it having to be delivered to the correct address. Health and Safety dictates that no unauthorised person or persons may enter the depot. Are they going to send it back?

20 minutes later Michael texted me to say it had been delivered and was in good health. 8 days from Poole to the Gold Coast of Australia, fraught with the danger of bureaucracy, our determined parcel was in Australia, ready for the sun and the famous Gold Coast beaches, we wish our parcel a happy holiday in Oz and to watch out for the Kangaroos.

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  1. At least is made it...Parcel Training in Africa often turns the parcel into an academic that never seems to leave the institution...