Monday, 24 July 2017

Susan and the Canadian Trip

Well it did seem like they had some fun, did some work but I do believe they achieved that work / life balance. Yoga on a pier, kayaking and a trek (walk in England) to the top of Whistler, taking in the 3 lakes along the way. The initial reports are quite sketchy but it seems that John J ran up. John Usher did the guided tour experience for the rest of the group. 11 kilometres there and back but I do believe it was well worth the walk.
Susan arrived home very travel wary but did have some gifts for us. I know you are going to be thinking. 'Susan went to Canada and all I got was a T-shirt' Well you are so wrong, Robert got the t shirt and I got a bottle of Canadian Maple Whisky. As you can see from the photo, Robert is modelling his new t shirt and his Canadian biscuits as well as holding the whisky, he does seem to be holding it quite firmly, will have to persuade him to let it go, some time. I do not like that look of triumph on his face, now thinking about it, this might have to wait until he is asleep.

I have just sent Michael his Apple Mac to Australia, did the normal research as to how to get it there for the best price possible in a reasonable time period. Also needed to be insured. £ 115.58 for a service with Royal Mail, actually Parceforce but it is the same thing. They guarantee not less then 4 days, yes, you did read it correctly, not less than 4 days. Rest assure Michael it will not get to you in 4 days, relax, go for a surf, they have given you 4 days to enjoy Australia. I should of taken the 10 day service, he would have had more time to enjoy himself. Hopefully he gets it before he comes home as they do not guarantee deliver time. Bit odd that, I would have expected them to say something on the lines of guaranteed delivery in 5 days or something, maybe I am just not seeing the full picture.

Lastly, two hundred years ago, Cornishman Lewis Tregonwell and his wife moved into their new Bournemouth home, The Mansion. The first house built in Bournemouth was completed in April 1812. This house still stands and is a hotel now. Building work had taken two years from June 1810, when Tregonwell brought his wife Henrietta to see the sandy chine carrying the River Bourne down from Canford Heath to the sea. Now the Bournemouth Lower Gardens.

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