Thursday, 28 December 2017

In Search on Me continued.

You may remember, I did bring to you attention, girls wearing tights and how little they leave to the imagination. Some tights cling so tightly to their bodies that they clearly reveal their callipygian curves and the entire shapely length of their legs. Others would be better off not displaying those particular features of their anatomy. I feel that those of a heavier build, big units, should stick to more loose fitting apparel. Their bottoms, can not in all honesty, be described as callipygous.

I notice that the expression 'I was going to say' is being used more and more now. I feel this comes from all the texting we find ourselves doing and we compose what we going to say before actually typing it in to the little text box. If you are actually talking to someone and you say 'I was going to say', then what? Naturally the flow of the conversation, would be to say it. Maybe those of us that studied grammar could shed some light on this rather meaningless expression.

Interestingly on Boxing Day in 1893: Dictator, mass murderer and founding father of the Republic of China, Mao Tse-tung was born. I do fear North Korea's Kim Jong un is heading in towards the same honour. My advise to Trump, stop procrastinating and take him out, test your army and once you had your little war you can say you have achieved something worthwhile.

Looking back at Christmas passed, yesterday actually, and I found the day to be full of joy, cheer and delicious food. We did speak to most of the family scattered around the world. South Africa, Australia and North America. How times have changed, my father never flew in an aeroplane, let alone leave South Africa and here we are in the UK with my children dotted all around the world. Taking the traditional photo on the beach while having a live video call to Michael in the Gold Coast of Australia. 

I find myself enjoying a coffee at the beach cafe as I finish off this blog. It is very cold and the strong wind makes it feel as though the cold is creeping into every part of you. On the beach are a few hardy dog walkers, but they are few and far between, the rest are in this cafe drinking and eating. I am amazed at the numbers of layers of clothes they peel off before sitting down, only to add the layers back on, before braving the cold. Talking of braving the cold, I must be off to buy dinner, so if I don't talk to you soon, enjoy your New Years celebrations and I wish you all the best for the coming year.

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  1. This South African postal service has done it again and gone and lost my parcel containing my present from my one and only brother...I hate it when this happens..