Saturday, 27 January 2018

Names of Leaders

Bloody Mare Put In (Russian) and Emmanuel Macaroni (Viva la France) are two that jump out at me.
‘Mama and Papa are having a child, what should we call it?’

Teresa May, should of been an ice skater, she is on thin ice but think of the alternative, Jeremy Corbin? What is that all about? 
Give him his due, he does lead the Labour Party. I do have a feeling you have to be intellectually challenge to be a politician. 

Facebook are changing the way we see adverts and how we get targeted with their advertising. At the moment you see a strip of ads on the right of your page and probably have noticed quite a few companies you deal with. They will also add some they think you might be interested in, this is Facebook marketing and is somewhat dodgy to say the least.
They are essentially going back to pre 2013 and their aim is to win back all those who use to post regularly 4 to 5 years ago but do not now. Facebook numbers are increasing but the amount of time spent on Facebook is decreasing. We are posting to other social media site such as Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. I think it is a good idea, I am getting more and more irritated with the hamster on a treadmill video that seems to go viral. 
You might not see any changes but over time you will hopefully have a better experience, fewer below standard ads and more valuable content, should be coming your way.

Getting really cold now, Christmas was quite mild but the cold winds are bringing in the snow, sleet and ice that normally stays in the north. Jenson still insists on swimming in the sea, but then he is a water dog. I am still surprised he does not feel the cold. 

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