Monday, 12 February 2018

The Magna Carta and our right to rebel.

It has been a long day
Today it is cold and windy, but to Jenson it is another day for a swim and a run. Susan goes to photograph course tomorrow and the forecast is not favourable. Hopefully they will have got it wrong and her day will be relatively dry. I am in Sandbanks Cafe enjoying a coffee and happy to be inside looking out. 
Results from the Course
The course is about getting to know your camera better. 'Getting of Auto' and with the extended features on modern cameras, this seems to be the way to go. Most modern DSLR cameras can connect wirelessly to your computer or printer. We often view the photos we have taken on the iPad and the new feature is remote shooting from the iPad. Very helpful in low light when you need your camera to be absolutely still to capture a sharp image without a flash.

Have you heard of Article 61 and the Magna Carta. It states that if you are unhappy with where the government is spending your tax money, you can approach 25 Barons and they will present to the Queen, a list of your grievances and the government has 40 days to amend how they spend your money. Failing this you are legally entitled to withhold any tax or council tax through rates and taxes until they do something about it.
"Until the UK chooses to reform to direct democracy and, if you are unhappy about your tax being spent on any specific policy you can either protest, or take direct action. If direct action, Article 61 of the Magna Cartastates how and why tax payers have the legal right [since 1215] to with-hold tax payments from the Treasury and because the Magna Carta was not created by Parliament, no government can lawfully repeal any of the articles within it without public consent."
There is a group of people who are fighting the government by invoking Article 61 at the moment. Good luck to them, I can see this all ending in tears and I would imagine if they do not pay up they will loose their houses and maybe even go to prison. 
Thinking this through, we have politicians making very big promises when canvassing for vote. Their memorandum, but when they get into government all those promises come to nothing. This could be a way to hold them accountable. I have donated £ 10 to this cause and hope the nation will follow. M

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