Monday, 26 March 2018

Nanny Threasa May

All schools in England now have to have a 2.8m high fence around them, security gates and a intruder alarm system in place. That will not stop a determined person getting in, or a desperate child getting out. We put these systems in place to feel safe, the world is full of danger and no matter the precautions we implement, they will never be enough. What we are doing is putting ourselves in prisons. 

The world is full of nasty people and we hold ourselves ransom to those pathetic few who are determined to do harm. At the same time we protect perpetrator of violence. The police frown on anyway tackling a intruder and be aware, when you do, do not use any violence or aggression. Why you ask? Well he will probably complain to the police and they will charge you. 
I am at Caffe Nero, enjoying a very good Americano in a double expresso cup, only way to drink an Americano. One of my favourite coffee shops, cosmopolitan is the word that comes to mind. Also has the attraction of being half way down Poole high street and again you can people watch, see the odd fight and wonder how she walks in those high shoes. I have noticed you can see the difference between the local and those from the EU, those from say Italy, have a better dress sense and look open and friendly. The locals, normally have tracksuit bottoms on and hoodies and you do not want to be talking to them. 
We live in a nanny state and the best nanny of all is Theresa May and the government for re-election, or should that be for the people. 

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