Sunday, 22 April 2018

Summer cheeks

My word of the day is a classic. 

Drang: sometimes spelt drong (meaning) A narrow passage or lane between two walls, hedges, etc. In all cases, the common element is narrowness, and the notion of pressure – people passing through a narrow space – explains an etymological link with throng. No I did not mean thong, although that is also a narrow passage between two cheeks. Talking of cheeks, summer is taking its time to arrive, another overcast day with a breeze and only 8 deg C. I am looking forward to those lazy summer days strolling on the beach with Jenson and who ever else is around and wants to go for a walk. 
I am meant to be taking photographs of a house in Parkstone but the lure of coffee and a few minutes to write down my thoughts was too great and I find myself at the beach enjoying an Americano. 

My motto; Is everything OK? Then enjoy a coffee, if not, then you need a coffee.

Not that busy considering it is the Easter holidays and the brats are not back at school yet, pity that as there are a few in this otherwise quiet cafe. Looking around, I am not surprises to see most the children slightly frozen, their feet that bright pink from paddling in the cold water, trying to enjoy the holiday but really wanting to be back home, warm and comfortable. 
There is a woman talking about some exercise, at the next table, must be quite horsey, when she described an exercise involving her thighs she referred to them as her flank. I would imagine she can ride bareback without a bridle. Seems very cardia vascular and most intense.

What is in a name: Michael as an example. From the Hebrew name Mikha'el meaning "who is like God?". This is a rhetorical question, implying no person is like God. Michael is just one of the many that truly believe he is. Names, all have some meaning, the official and those we remember people by. A runner in the London marathon was called 

Eucalyptus, did not catch the last name but I would imagine she is long and strong with a unique scent. Actually the name Eucalyptus, is from the Greek words eu-, well, and kaluptos, cover, meaning "well-covered".

Talking of eucalyptus trees, I have always been fond of the Koala bear. I thought of buying a eucalyptus tree, it will have to be small but maybe as it grows the Koala will come. Got to start somewhere.

I ramble on and I am keeping you from your work, drop me a line and tell me how things with you.

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