Sunday, 27 May 2018


Friday is the best day of a bank holiday weekend, you know there are 3 full days to relax, write a little, garden if you must and walk JB at your leisure. I am sure there will be a trip or two to take some photos and be out there but as it is a holiday weekend the places will be very busy, so off the beaten track is where we will take ourselves.

I am rambling but it does get me started on the wonders of the human mind. We have a new law that has come into force today. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We have known about this for about 6 months and I did notify all my clients,  you know what happened. Everyone left it to the last minute, actually some still have not got back to me.

Today we see the new dawn of enlightenment, no longer will I receive emails from companies I have never heard of, no more spam phone calls asking if I have been in an accident. No life will be simpler, laid back. That is the object but the sting in the tail is that it only applies to those in the EU. Those Indian call centres will grow and so will the number of Reginald's that phone me about pet insurance for Jenson. Reginald, really, with an Indian accept I barely understand. No, this new law has not taken away one of the few pleasures I have in life, that is swearing at the poor Reginald's of this world. I have been known to pass disparaging remarks about his ancestry and the origins of his species, all is fair in love and spam calls. I have found out that Glen is 'Nemo' in Hindu. In future I will be known as Nemo and when they call asking for Glen Smith, I will tell them my names is Nemo Lehaar, Lehaar is Hindu for Smith, could be interesting conversation. I will of course say some words that no child younger than 3 should hear, they do grow up so fast.

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