Saturday, 2 June 2018

Don’t define against a competitor.

As long as you define yourself against a competitor, your identity is linked to theirs and will always be limited. 
People make this mistake in a number of different ways: 

By creating website like theirs (maybe a better website experiences).
They copy competitors in style or content.
Or they mimics performance.

If you’re truly believe you are a brand-led company, you need to send the signal that those other players don’t even register on your radar. The passion you have in your business should reflect in the content you deliver.

Ask yourself these questions, this could improve your ranking with Google.

  1. Does your page meet the intent of a large percentage of the people who will visit it?
  2. Are you providing the help users might need to select the right product or find the correct information?
  3. Do users get good suggestions of related products they might need?
  4. Are there gaps in your content in the page? Are there details or related information you could put on it to flush out the content more?
  5. Does your page provide a higher quality of experience?
  6. Do you have a strategy for measuring page performance and how to improve it?
And lastly - Do not check Google daily, always using the same search query and never opening your website. Google thinks you do not want to see that website, so will show you others you have not seen.

I am privileged to be part of a brand-led company. I have seen them grow from a humble start to a very successful company in only 5 years. Their MD has never taken no, for and answer, 
'Find a way and make it happen.' This has been his philosophy. 
He truly believes he is different and he is, that is the signal he has sent out to the other players, that they don't register on his radar. This has had a powerful impact on his business growth. His company model is the future, those that identify with all the mainstream, will have to change.

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