Sunday, 10 June 2018

University Food

Take your bog standard Aldi pizza, add garlic and onion and a liberal amount of mozzarella. This is university food, sustains a nation of forward thinkers and tastes good, that is a bargain. Aldi pizza are cheap, not like that expression, cheap as chips, chips cost about £3.00 a hand full now, but the Aldi pizza are cheap, 69p.
Robert took one look at the Aldi pizza and said,  'That needs garlic and onion and a dash of cheese.'
He showed me how to do the onion and garlic and then moved on to other more interesting things, like getting his mum to buy him a new suit for the university ball. 

Jenson took one look at me and we both retired to the garden to contemplate the joys of cooking on a budget. Soon they will be back, hopefully suit in hand and then we will enjoy my summer fare. 
I did take control, I know you wondering what happened but we will enjoy a pasta with bacon and grilled chicken, university pizza and a quaint essential Italian salad. 

It is good to have Robert back, if only for a few days. Jenson is a little confused as Robert does go upstairs and does what people of his age do when they go upstairs. Jenson has been lying at the bottom of the stairs waiting for him, alas I fear his wait could be long, unless hunger brings Robert down again.

Did you hear they are having another G7 meeting, this time in Canada. Yes, all those high and mighty are getting together to have a pyjama party. But you know there is always one who wants to spoil the party, this time it is Donald Trump, arriving last and leaving early. I do believe he has been around the Hollywood stars too much. 
Those G7 delegates have some awkward questions for the golf course builder or trade wars could be the next alternative. 
No wonder he wants to leave early, the greater American public seems to be slightly odd, so easy for him to pull the wool over their eyes. Justin Pierre James Trudeau and the current President of France, Emmanuel Macron are entirely different. I like the both of them. They are charismatic, well read and knowledgeable, they have the ability to see the whole picture. Quite unlike our prime minister, now there is someone who is out of her depth.
Anyway, enjoy your weekend.

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