Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last day of the year

Hogmanay and all the other ways we celebrate the coming of a fresh year. The year of the Panda and also the year that Michael leaves home for University. A year to come, of promise and tears, longing and forgiving. Robert enters his A levels and Samuel Baxter B Jones of Dorset II will be 7 – 49 in human years but I like 7 better.

The Italian zest for cars comes through in great passion with our newly acquired Fiat Panda Elaganza (see attached photo). The Tiptronic gearbox (see attached photo) delivers fast, crisp gear changing managing the awesome power from the 1.2 ltr eco engine. These engines developed by the same designers who engineer the F1 Ferrari engine, that’s not too shabby around a track. I am still getting used to the neck support one wears due to the exceptional G force when accelerating aggressively. Anyway maybe I have got to the stage of ‘Jumped the Shark’.

What does the new year hold for us? The exciting bit is the living of it and that I intend doing with great enthusiasm. I will try and do more reading, writing and more blogging, talk to everyone a little more and keep in touch via text and email. I have a story to write about our children, the Lily’s, Dan’s, Mika’s and Travis’s of our family. Hopefully this story will make them hero’s for this quick read.

I would like to make this year, the year of the our children. Little hero’s and time they were acknowledged. We throw ourselves into work, life and doing what we think will be enjoyable, for the whole family. Maybe what we want? Lets take the time to reflect, watch the 9 years olds world coming to an end, we know it is not but to her it is. Mika my Darling keep them honest.

Lastly a quick word of caution, anyone who has had a breast implant recently and are wondering if it is from the French manufacturer who have dodgy implants, check the packaging.

Angela has just seen in the New Year, happy new year Ang. Strange it is only 1pm on Saturday here.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

It is a week before Christmas

That squirrel has a tattoo, Is it meant to have a tattoo?

Merlin and all the workers that bring you all the fun, scares and waits are all working very late. I just watch a weary worker ambling to his car, quite expensive but to him at this moment in time just a car.

On our way to Onlinewebservice Christmas party, the first this illustrious firm has ever had. Just picking up Susan and then we are meeting Mally and Lord Mus of Musmead Manor and giving Mark and Helen a lift, all going to Alex's Fine Eating Emporium.

We all were drinking merrily away by 7pm, nothing better than those friends who can make you laugh and are just there for you. Food and wine, so much wine, even the waitress was drinking by the time we had ploughed through to dessert.

By now Mally and Mark were going at a great pace and Lord Mus was trying his best to put some decorum into a party that had all the signs of getting seriously out of hand, tipsy waitress served strong coffee which only seemed to give everyone an extra boost. Midnight came in a haze and we finally spilled out side to a clamped car, clamped on Mally property to rub it in. Her over zealous car clamper taking one look at my car and deciding to clamp it. Mally came zooming back and with Lord Mus sorted it out. Bed was now the only place worth going to.

We will be having a party next year and hopefully hire a taxi to and from so no worries about driving, just all fall down.

Robert is having his Christmas Golf lesson and suddenly he is perfect, they get a chocolate for every good shot, maybe that is the reason!!! Put a whole box of chocolates as a prize and he will get a hole in one.

The blue house was reached today with out a stop or a walk, the very cool winter sun shone down on this fantastic achievement, my Christmas present to my ageing body. Susan ran like to wind, as she sheds pounds her speed increases.

Now all that is left for me to do is finish off the present shopping and plan the food for a week tomorrow, merry Christmas from a windy 2deg golf course, snow on the hills and we are hopeful of a white Christmas.

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