Sunday, 16 March 2014

The challenge has shifted

Where do I begin, I have changed the challenge slightly since we last spoke. I was planting everything in pots as we have no garden. Actually pots are not working for me so have decided to create a garden to plant all those fragrant plants, herbs and vegetables. See attached photograph of the original garden and then stage one with bed boxes along the right and the rear. ( Click on the image to enlarge)
This way I can plant to my hearts content and have the added bonus of establishing a great garden full of all those plants which are now in pots. I have decided to fill the back bed box with the stones that cover the garden at the moment. I will also cover that bed box with panels and this will hopefully create a long garden bench.
Angela is making masks from wine cartons, that is real wine drinking and I am sure the children enjoy the masks.
I must admit all this gardening is having its toll. I now have aches and stiffness in places I did not really know I had. Age has no respect for youth, you heard it here first.
Granny Susie Pie has escaped to Alton, way beyond Birmingham, for a 5 day management conference. Good luck to all those who present their presentations, what would a conference be without the odd boring presentation thrown in. Susan's are all fresh, crisp and full of good results, it is the others we worry about.
Please let me know how your challenge is going, raw vegetables, oak trees and tomatoes seem to be the all time favourites.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Day 8 and 9

Have you guys heard of AG Bell, seems quite a clever guy. Pamagor popped in for a cup of coffee and a catchup this morning, yes I have not heard from him in ages but he did comment a few times on my blog. It all started with him saying, ' Please excuse me but Alex is ringing.' 
When he had finished his rather short call to some Indian call centre, heavens the language. I asked him why he called his iPhone "Alex"?
'After that  A G Bell guy.' he answered. 
It seems that in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell patented his first telephone. That I did not know. Seems like yesterday we were still ringing the exchange.
For Angela and Russell's benefit: Pamagor was wearing a tailored soft blue stripped shirt and flared Levi's with JCB casual boots and a floral pink scarf. Very similar to what Gary and Michael would wear when flying to Sochi. 
Talking of Russell, he is getting unfairly picked out by the judges, this is what he wrote in the comments yesterday. 
"I have just planted 8 tomato plants and 6 kale 3 portions of watermelon and fruit had pineapple pieces on my pizza...... I am way ahead....judges are giving me a raw deal :)"
I do wonder about that boy, planting tomatoes in the autumn? 
Saturday I was quite naughty and had Avo as my fruit and yesterday (Sunday) I had cucumber. To make up for that indiscretion I did plant some pea seeds on Saturday and yesterday I splashed out and bought 2 Hyacinths. Beautiful plants, with sweet perfumed scent.
Today alas I have planted french beans and my fruit of the day was pineapple pieces. All images are attached and also the progress of the tomatoes which have surfaced in the conservatory. happy Challenging.

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Challenge Day 5, 6 and 7.

Well I have had some strange comments and text messages with regards to this difficult challenge. Russell seems to have taken to it well and planted 12 Oak trees and wanted to know if they can count for the next 12 days. Fantastic feat, 12 Oak trees and I suppose a fruit yoghurt. I put his case to the judges and argued his side of the case but to no avail. The answer came back very clear.
One plant a day and one fruit.

Angela has been doing well, Kale as her raw vegetable yesterday and today it is Mushrooms. Hopefully she cooks them first. Susan was up late trying to decide which of the 4 fruits she ate yesterday to count as her daily fruit. I did check her blog but with the exception of a little rant about university life, there was no mention of the chosen fruit.
Susan blog can be found here:
Well on Day 5, I had black grapes and planted Convallaria bulbs. Commonly known as the Lily of the Valley, is a sweetly scented woodland flowering plant. Quite beautiful and holds the added temptation of being very poisonous

Day 6 was good as I had tomato as a fruit and planted spring onions for future salads. 
Today I have planted Water Cress, also for that almighty salad and I am having sliced peaches and cream for dessert. I alway marvel at the humble canned peach, full of so much flavour and never sour. I have also made a peach crumble in the past and found it most enjoyable.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Challenge enters Day 4

It is a challenge that has sparked comments which will hopefully turn to com mentors joining this excellent cause. Angela has gone for raw vegetables, Russell is still contemplating fruit yoghurt and Susan has opted for just fruit. I strive on, courageous and strong, planted a few bulbs yesterday and had a melon and grape snack in Ringwood. I must say my tub had green grapes in but you get the idea.
Those Aussies are giving South Africa a lesson in test cricket, ruthless and focused, they are destroying batsmen and will be the No. 1 test team if they not already. They did hone their skills on our fine English team and now using that knowledge to win the series in South Africa.
Just a word of caution to Russell, throwing your apple pip into the garden is not classed as planting. The judges are very stern on the definition of planting, one must prepare the soil and plant according to the instructions. Sorry I did take it up with them but they refuse to reconsider.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Day 3 of the Fruit and Planting Challenge

The good news is that Angela has joined the challenge, substituting raw veges for the fruit, I am sure Princess Lily, Captain Ben and David will enjoy all the raw veges as little soldiers, complete with the appropriate dips. No up take from Matt, well I am sure he will get around to it.
Susan has joined and is only taking the Fruit challenge, one fruit a day for 30 days, good luck my Darling. 
I had a pear today and planted a Parsley plant as we eat loads of garlic. I must admit I am feeling well with this Fruit Challenge, plants are also getting a chance in life and once I have finished planting all the herbs our pasta's and pizza's will be totally organic.
We are all waiting for Gary and Claudia to join, healthy bunnies of note and Mika would love this challenging adventure. 
I have lost the will to live waiting for Russell, so far in the wilderness, we wait for paraffin to power his mobile phone and connect with the universe. Come on Rus you really want to.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day Two of the challenge

Well to keep you up to date I have come through the second day of the challenge un harmed and stronger. Planted a basil plant as seen in the photograph I have inserted and had a clementine for the fruit of the day.
The other news is I stumbled upon a new blogger in the family, Susan has started blogging and I found this out while helping her set it up. Her blog address is I think the coming of her iPhone has freed her to newer heights. Photo Stream, email and iMessage are all new outings of adventure. 
What news of the rest of you all, my day is done and sleep beckons, sleep well my faithful warriors.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Day one of the challenge

Just to catch up, I  have eaten an apple and planted some bulbs in the front of our house. Day one over and I must admit not as challenging as I thought, well there is only 29 days left. I am a little disappointed as to the response, clearly you lack the courage and commitment. Do not despair, there are classes to help you on your journey. Susan gave me that look and I realise you reap what you sow, my fault and I hope you will accept my apologies in the spirit that it is written.
I have posted a beautiful example of what this challenge is all about and take no credit for the beauty of the flower, we can always dream.