Saturday, 25 June 2011

And the moonbeams kiss the sea

See the mountains kiss high heaven and the waves clasp one another. The winds of heaven mix forever with sweet emotion and the sunlight clasps the earth and the moonbeams kiss the sea, what are all these kissings worth if you kiss not me. Adapted from a love poem by Shelly – the full poem is at the bottom of this blog.

I could read these words all day and always come up with a different understanding of them. I am drawn to ‘if you kiss not me’ What is life worth if you kiss not me, if you take it literary then it is all about young lovers or someone in love with someone else who may not love back. From there you can interpret those words to clasp all of life and likes of life.

Anyway enough of the analytical and on to Pamagor, what he has been up to is not for the faint hearted. Reported to be in Australia with the Gold Coast Meter maids and deported, riding his shopper bicycle in the buff while following Gussell? Markus from Ketteringdale swears that is true!

The latest is the 50th Birthday party of Lady Mally of Musmead Manor. What a party, we went as well but there were so many of the rural rich and famous there we did not get a chance to even see Pamagor. Memma, daughter of Lady Mally actually chatted to Pamagor and served him a Pimms with loads of ice. I suppose the Pimms was because of Wimbedon. Memma said that Pamagor looked delicious, I am sure she has lost her heart to him, dressed in a white shirt with pink collar and cuffs, cropped black flannels and white deck shoes. His now legendary Tam O Shanty at a cheeky rakish angle and one diamond stud. Memma beware, he is a cad, leave him to your Mum as he needs a experienced, firm hand.

Merlin and I went to Wimbledon on Tuesday and watch some very good tennis, smartly dressed spectators and had tea in the Debenture Lounge, now that is the rich and famous. I have now ticked off Wimbledon as a place I have been. We had VIP tickets from Merlin, yes that does mean Very Important Person tickets.

Any news from Princess Ange of Dickasmithi, she is getting a red car soon. Is she getting something else, rumours persist that she is, no I will not be party to rumours let the fact speak for themselves.

With a sweet emotion;
Nothing in the world is single,
All things by a law divine
In one spirit meet and mingle -
Why not I with thine?

See the mountains kiss high Heaven
And the waves clasp one another;
No sister-flower would be forgiven
If it disdained its brother;
And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea -
What are all these kissings worth
If thou kiss not me?

I am now at that stage of this blog when it is publish and be damned.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Today, many years ago a baby boys was born

Markus of Ketteringdale was born on this day 35 years ago. Born in a time when television was in its test pattern stage with two hours of rubbish in the evenings. Those were the days when before you criticise someone, you walked a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticise them, you were a mile away from them and you had their shoes.

One thing that always captures the essence of Mark is his ability to tease with such a naughty laugh, Angela was driven to tears many a day and had to be rescued. No matter how serious life wants Mark to be he can still manage to act really funny, tease, joke and laugh. It kinda brings you back down to earth again.

We really hope you have a great birthday and remember not to waste time, I know time wastes our bodies and our minds, but this time we do not need to gets quits.

The Matriarch and her lost Birthday

I start tonight’s blog in a clumsy, retrospective frame of mind; you lived so much in the present and the future, a tense you invented. Soon it will be your Birthday, something you loved/hated and then expected.

Has anyone every matched your appetite for new projects and plans, for doing so many happy, good things at the same time and you did them all by yourself.

You watch television full of drama and nature, complained and then read your book and knitted.
‘Idle hands make an idle mind.’
You so loved pasta, I remember you rationing yourself to 3 evening meals of pasta a week and then you would have some for lunch, Oh yes you did love pasta.

Your breakfast reading was a gardening encyclopaedia with a few native birds, never happy with one project, two or three held your attention, could you not somehow contrive to be both dead and alive?

Happy Birthday Mum.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

William Harold Smith – my Dad

Drugged dazed, morphine comforted, he lay there as the nurses had arranged him. He was stark and strange or something between. Gentle Father, across the oceans he floated wanting to fly but the bed was no plane. Out of the whole repertoire of wishes he wanted to fly. This one will never be.

Bastards, bastards raging as he tried to hold firm against the tumour which was not unfriendly only doing what it is designed to do. A kindly nurse came forward with a syringe. As I watched his final battle against the unseen and not known to him. The invader, no imp or devil invades; this is a mere tumour without personality or humour. Malignant not benign, setting about the task of evolution, changing body perceptions, strangling faculties and functions, one by one.

He tried to maintain his identity between the drugs that went into his veins and all the time having to come to terms with meeting his death with all his strength and gallantry. While my father dies all I wanted was to have a croissant and a cappuccino in a French café, in a village somewhere you have to fly too.

My father died never having flown in a plane, never having left the shores of the country he was born in, he was such a gentle man.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Mammoth and a naked cheek

Tonight I watch a show that had a Mammoth, that thought it was a Possum, a friendly Sable Tooth tiger and a Mammoth go on a long walk. Ice Age II, Meltdown. Disney Animation, why? Lily, Dan and Travis rate this as an Oscar winner, Robert and Michael watch while Samuel slept through the whole dramatic experience.
To top all this all this we had a naked bike ride with Markus of Ketteringdale and Gary of Middlesmiths fame through the main streets of Pretoria and beyond. Claudia of Middle Smiths, formally of The Claudosa Dynasty, insisted that Gary put a scarf on as he was a little poorly, better to keep warm. Pamagor was seen following Gussell of Georgedale who had an asthma pump between his cheeks. A warning to those who are appalled by the naked, nude body of all shapes and sizes, avert your eyes and do not peep.

The views of outside website might not be the same as Indiana Jones SD and the main switcher on and switcher off, man of Bytes unconnected. It is a little like Gussell and his humility, Tearoom, school for the humble waitress and the grand plan of converting Africa. The art of networking needs to extend to the wild coast of the Cape and the mines of Angola, someone tell Pamagor that following a naked bum through the streets of Pretoria will not help the Aboriginals of Dicasmithi to come to terms with the crazy winds created by the cyberspace battles between the Microsoft Bytes and the Apple Mac Pips.
I live in the clouds and touch base with the Democratic Republic of the former British Empire of the Congo. Life could not be better, the challenges do not get any more exciting but tomorrow, Sunday, I leave all that behind for a day, let those battles commence and I will leave them to it.
Just to end, I am not a vegetarian because I love animals, its because I hate plants.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Grasshopper Warbler vs Wood Warbler

I may of been mistaken, today I tried to listen to a Grasshopper Warbler and what a beautiful call it has, the Wood Warbler was singing away and I could see it singing but alas heard nothing. So it seems it is the Wood Warbler that is silent for anyone over 50. Natural England are now working with farmer to plant the winter crops that birds love and need to see them through the winter. Planting cale, mustard seed and some other wild plants stops the birds from starving. 2%of all the marginal land will save the bird population from starving through the winter. (Grasshopper warbler chicks)
This is a simple matter of economics, marginal land brings an average of £200 per acre profit, Natural England will pay the farmer £400 per acre. All they have to do is plant some wild bird seed every autumn.
We are watching Spring Watch on television every night for the next two weeks. This is a program on how the birds are breeding and when they came back from their migration, swallows from Capetown, Kestrals from the Ivory Coast and some even come from the Rain forest of South America. 9000 miles and the bird is no longer than a box of matches.
Natural Middle Earth wholly supports everything that is being done to help the birds, go to and see the webcam in the nest and barrows.
Thank you all for the comments, it makes sense for Corfe to maybe be the meeting place for all to enjoy. Holding the spirit of my people and good times.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Debagged, have you ever

The clouds holds so much rain or not as the case maybe. We will pioneer towards those clouds this coming week and lift ourselves into the clouds. More on clouds later when we are more experienced.
Have you ever debagged someone? That is the art of pulling someone's shorts off unexpectedly. Merlin did frown on the merest suggestion of any impropriety , but when I was at school we did it often and enjoyed it. I remember standing at the swimming pool edge and someone coming up behind me and pulling my swimming trunks off, great stuff, clean, fresh air cooling you and your naughty members. The other naughty thing we did was getting someone to knee behind someone and then you pushed him, resulting in him falling over the kneeing individual. Do not tell lily, Daniel or Travis, the rest will have done it already.
Have you ever been asked how long it is to get there? Another two hours and we will be there. That is still a million miles away. How do children measure anything, in millions? I do believe teaching has not progress any further then it was 30 years ago. Talking of children, Gussell of Georgedale has opened a tea garden in Georgedale, Deli closes and this enterprising Chelsea Pensioner opens a tea garden. So much to say about that but we must be prudent. Oh what the hell, he has also opened a school. Yep I say no more!!! That has left me emotionally drained and what is Pamagor going to do with this new 'Thing'.
I change the subject hastily, I will never hear a Grasshopper Warbler, they are not extinct, there call is at a frequency beyond the hearing range of anyone of my age. Gussell falls into this category, where the evergreen Pamagor falls I can only guess. Gussell would know but he is not saying.
Now just in parting, and because the blog on Corfe Castle was appreciated so much I have been thinking of those men and women of Corfe in the days when all building was done with stone. Their children were really robust, having to play on a stone bouncy castle, Wendy houses lasted forever.
'I cannot be using wood when there is so much stone about.'
In those days of long ago there was the Bankes Arms and the Greyhound, a typical evening after a few pints of ale they would stagger out the pub and no kebab shops they would build a fence or two for fun, with, you guessed it, stone.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Acquiesce - Look it up, it is a fine word.

Have you ever tried freshly cooked smoked back bacon and sundries tomato. Take the whole rasher of bacon and drop a sundries tomato on it, roll it up and eat it. The tomato almost over powers the bacon, the bacon saves the day as you swallow and those powerful flavours mingle and the results are - well try it and let me know.

There is a fine balance between wine and cooking, too much and you tend to burn yourself, too little and the food tastes bland. The odd little burn tends to result in fine food, full of flavour.

Tonight I grilled some Cumberland sausages and then French sliced, I dipped them into a tomato 'hotties', now that is a glorious experience. Hotties is a tradition Italian salsa with an African twist, if you want to know just post your comment and frustrations.

Did I see a comment from Gussell of Georgdale wanting to know who is Pamagor, it is like the pot calling the kettle black. Wiggled of Paramithi, they also have red cars,beware.

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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Birthdays and Corfe Castle

I have it on good authority that Birthdays are fun days, fun for the birthday quests and the adventure they seemed to get out of buying that perfect present they like and think the recipient will like as well. What to buy? Lily is sorted and will be getting pink Duplo with numbers and letters on. Just incidentally Duplo and Lego is all about having no boundaries, letting the child build without restraint, numbers and letters are educational tools and as such should be banned from Duplo and Lego. I have to be careful as Lily's mum is a teacher of good standing and will have an opinion. Anyway, enough of the Dicasmithi, which is closer to the Kingdom Of Paramithi, because the Kingdom of Parasmithi also has red cars.

I started this blog in April last year and the one year anniversary passed without any fanfare as we toiled on in our quest to put food on the table. Lily yesterday and Julia Fay today, both Birthday Girls and this is what triggered my little grey cells to find out when I first started to blog. Happy Birthday girls. Robert and Jessica at Julia's birthday.

During the 17th century, Corfe Castle was home to the Bankes family, who were staunch Royalists. Following the outbreak of the Civil War, the Castle was attacked by Parliamentarians. With Sir John away from the Castle, defending the home fell to Lady Bankes and her family, 80 defenders, a cannon and some loyal servants. They successfully held the Castle. Two years later however, during a second siege, Lady Bankes was betrayed by one of her garrison, Col. Pitman. The Parliamentary Troops blew the Castle up. Lady Bankes survived the siege and moved to her family home in Middlesex. She died there 1667.The Bankes family still own most of the land from Corfe to Kingston Lacy and beyond.

I went for a walk around Corfe Castle, passed the Greyhound pub where we have had many a meal, one I remember well, Russell, Irene and Matthew were visiting and we took them for the customary visit to Corfe Castle and Russell made the comment after seeing scaffolding around the left tower.
"How long are they going to take to rebuild this Castle?"

Pausing at The Bakers Arms for lunch brought back floods of memories, Granny June and her half pint which she savoured. Gary and a huge Ploughmans, while Claudia enjoyed a Traditional Chicken Pie. Matthew's mother and father on the day we all had steak and a pint or two. The boys and their ultimate mushroom burgers, always no matter the time of the year, burgers are best.

I remember Mark having cycled to Corfe and about 10 years later Michael doing the same thing. One day we might all meet at Corfe Castle and take a walk and a pint there.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Muscle Woman gets her way

Indiana goes to the mountain
Just a quick catchup on Indiana Jones SD and the Muscle Woman. Indy, I am allowed to call him that, sought out O'mage Mountian, Violente and the resourceful Indiana joined forces and gave in to Muscle Woman?
Markus and Travis have a great photo gallery, Travis poses and Markus kindly takes the photographs. Angela has used her allocation of bandwidth in Dicasmithi, so will not be able to throw in her hand in response. Also she has gone over to the dark side, when you have lost your way their are so few who can help you back. The bits vs the pips, an age old contest, the second bite of the apple will only enhance the tournament.
Gussell of Georgedale has posted a very illuminating comment while catching up with his ever growing pressure of money, the making of it and his happiness derived from it. Pamagor is feeling a little put out as he was not mentioned in despatches. Why touch the space bar twice for a period, if a whale is stranded and dies on the beach? Tell the world how sad it is but remember to text your friends, such an occasion. Pamagor come home and save the world against the morans.
There are many different dung beetles, when the elephant has a poo, they release a fresh smell which only some dung beetles can small, once they have taken their fill, that dung starts to smell different and other, bigger dung beetles attack that mound of poo, also taking a small ball off to lay their eggs in and leaving the larver to hatch in scrumptious poo.
Lily Florence of Dicasmithi, close to the people with the red cars will be celebrating her unique birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lily, Happy Birthday to you. Enough of that when are we getting another work of art?life goes by and still you remain so far away, remember when you wean your mum off purity and onto olives throw in a brochure of Dorset.